2-Day Key West Getaway

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

Spend two fun-filled days in Southern Florida's most tropical location, Key West. During your two-day trip, you will see the most popular local shopping and dining attractions, plus popular museums, historic sites, and beaches!


Duval Street

A trip to the Florida Keys just wouldn’t be complete without a walk down Duval Street, the famous downtown commercial zone that runs from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean (1.25 miles long). This street is as full of character as the city itself, holding some of the area’s best restaurants, bars, art galleries, locally owned shops, upscale boutiques, and historic sites. There is so much to see and do while here, you may want to come back again another time during your trip to see it all, or just opt in for an exclusive Old Town Trolley Tour.

Key West Lighthouse

The iconic Key West Lighthouse is something you have to see while in the area, this historic light station-turned-museum dedicated to 'Key West's maritime heritage and to the men and women who bravely kept the light burning through threats of war and weather.' The very first lighthouse built here was finished in 1825 and stood at 65 feet tall. The current lighthouse you see standing today was finished in 1849 and stands at 73 feet. Your group can climb the 88 iron steps to the top and enjoy the gorgeous ocean views, then head to the Keeper's Quarters for a tour, with several original furnishings within.

Mel Fisher Maritime Museum

Inside you will find an extensive collection of artifacts from 17th-century shipwrecks like the Nuestra Senora de Atocha, Santa Margarita, and Henrietta Marie (1622 fleet). The museum works to research, interpret, and exhibit the maritime history of Florida and the Caribbean in ways that increase knowledge, enrich the spirit, and stimulate inquiry. Your group can walk around and see all the various exhibits and collections that showcase maritime archaeology, or you can take a behind the scenes tour of the Conservation Lab, where actual artifacts are worked on. Visit the 3D Artifacts Gallery, the archives, the Slave Trade Collection, and the Museum Store before you go!

Truman's Little White House

Did you know that former President Harry S Truman spent 175 days conducting business and running the nation from right here, in the Florida Keys? The actual building, established in 1890, first served as a naval station command headquarters during the Spanish-American War, WWI, and WWII, eventually used in 1946 as Truman’s ‘quick getaway’ spot. President Truman's ‘winter white house’ quick retreat soon turned into a lengthy stay home, the man falling in love with the island quickly, as most visitors do. While here you and your group will learn all about how Truman lived, played, worked, and ran the country from here, hosting several important government meetings and events during his stay.

Mallory Square

Welcome to Mallory Square, the area’s premier waterfront square surrounded by many different quality eateries and shops. Specifically located on 400 Wall Street, Mallory Square is well known for crowds of people gathering here to watch the sunset each evening, this spot being one of the best places to see the pink and orange colors light up the Gulf horizon. The Sunset Celebration is a nightly festival at Mallory Square with a variety of events, performers, and live music. You can see magicians, jugglers, clowns, psychics, artists, food vendors, and so much more here, the entire place also being a great social gathering spot to enjoy your night, enjoy your surroundings, and people/sunset watch.


Fort Zachary Taylor

This 54 acre Floridian State Park is considered to be a National Historic Landmark focusing on civil war era history, as well as one of the best beaches in Florida’s southern tip. Established first as a fort in 1845, then as a state park in 1971, this history and bliss-filled beach spot along Howard England Way makes for the ultimate vacation spot for families, student groups, and any curious traveler looking to learn something and have a good Florida time while doing it. Learn all about the architecture of the fort, President Taylor’s involvement and death, construction, and even a bit about local wildlife in the process. You will hear stories pertaining to both the Civil and Spanish-American Wars, as well as about the history of the U.S Navy in general.

Higgs Beach

Here at Higgs Beach, your group can enjoy 16.5 acres of gorgeous oceanfront vistas, with clear turquoise waters, sandy beaches, and tropical vegetation as far as the eye can see. This 2-mile long strip of beachfront holds a Civil War-era fort, a breezy beach cafe, and the largest African Refugee Burial Ground in the country. It also hosts the only shore-accessible underwater marine park in the United States. Visit all the monuments documenting the site of the 1800 African slave cemetery, then tour the onsite Key West Garden Club. Recreation-wise, your group can walk the pier, swim, snorkel, sunbathe, play beach volleyball, kayak, watch and observe local marine life, and enjoy the on-site children's playground.

Southernmost Point Buoy

This marks one of the most extreme points in the United States, just 90 miles north of Cuba. There is actually a plaque to the direct right of the buoy that explains the history of the area in regards to Cuban immigration, paying tribute to all those who drowned in the swim over here. This large buoy, located on the corner of South Street and Whitehead Street, is a must-stop for a great photo opportunity, just try to get here extra early to beat the lines of people toting their cameras. On the top of this red painted buoy, you’ll find the logo of the Conch Republic, the official name of this area when it succeeded in the 1970s. So technically, this isn’t even officially the most southern point. Many locals argue that the Truman Annex, Fort Zachary, and even Dry Tortugas are further south.