Mallory Square

6707842625_f629b7cecb_bWelcome to Mallory Square, the area’s premier waterfront square surrounded by many different quality eateries and shops. Specifically located on 400 Wall Street, Mallory Square is well known for crowds of people gathering here to watch the sunset each evening, this spot being one of the best places to see the pink and orange colors light up the Gulf horizon. The Sunset Celebration is a nightly festival at Mallory Square with a variety of events, performers, and live music. You can see magicians, jugglers, clowns, psychics, artists, food vendors, and so much more here, the entire place also being a great social gathering spot to enjoy your night, enjoy your surroundings, and people/sunset watch.

There is much history in the nightly gatherings here, an old common saying in the area around the 60’s, when this began, being ‘see you at sunset’. The beauty and passion found here is seen in countless art pieces, stories, award-winning photos, and poetry pieces, plus you can also shop and eat while here! Enjoy several different eateries with some seriously fresh seafood, such as a personal favorite Two Friends Patio, family owned and operated here for 40 years and serving up the freshest conch fritters around! The shops boast everything from shells and sponges to fishing gear and jewelry. Save time to stop by Ron Jon’s Surf Shop before heading out, or go watch any of the regular performers to the square such as Bible Bill, Dale the Sword Swallower, or Dom the Cat Man.