Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden

Nancy Forrester's Secret Garden

Key West

Come have fun with talking, laughing and dancing parrots.

Welcome to Nancy Forrester's Secret Garden, a Key West attraction that allows guests to learn about and interact with parrots and macaws!

Nancy Forrester is an artist, teacher, environmental activist, and plant and animal lover. She created this playful haven for rescued parrots so that guests can picnic, play music, creat art, and interact with these colorful birds. She has been rescuing and rehoming orphaned parrots for 30 years now!

The garden is open 10-3 pm daily. You can join in on the Parrots 101 demonstration each day at 10 am and have the opportunity to hold, take pictures with, and ask questions about the birds presented. One of each of the 8 species of Macaw in Central and South America will be represented. You will meet Ara Ara, the Blue and Gold Macaw, and Babyblue, the Hyacinth, which is the largest macaw in the world.


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