2-Day Quick Peak at NYC Fashion

Day 1 You'll See:

  • Garment District
  • Production Facility Tour
  • Fashion Institute of Technology Museum

Day 2 You'll See:


Garment District - New York is known by many people across the world as one of the biggest fashion capitals, the city first assuming its role as the center of America’s garment industry back in the time of Southern plantations, making affordable work clothes for slaves. Today you can see the core of this long-historied industry in Manhattan’s lively Garment District, the spot in NYC where the majority of the major fashion labels operate showrooms and production facilities. No other city houses a comparable concentration of fashion business and talent in a single district, making this a truly iconic ‘fashion tour’ spot! The entire district is a truly diverse neighborhood, filled with iconic NYC sites, wonderful bakeries and cafes that are oh-so-Manhattan, and tons of shops and sample sales for you to truly see what it’s like to be a fashion-minded New Yorker for a day!

Production Facility Tour - This is the point in your trip in which you and your group will meet up with your highly fashionable, but hopefully not fashionably late, NYC fashion tour guide! Depending on your guide, the time of the year, and the major designers in the area, this is the time of the day in which you will get to tour a production facility within the Garment District or Manhattan! In the past, we have sent students to such facilities as the very popular Marc Jacobs one, as well as done much other fun fashion-forward must do's with the guides such as competitive design processes and fashion week competitions!

Fashion Institute of Technology Campus and Museum - To end your first blissful fashion-esque New York day you will be visiting the FIT Museum, a truly essential NYC fashion stop! The Fashion Institute of Technology itself is an internationally acclaimed school of design, fashion, art, communications, and business, and the museum is a great addition to the acclaim, showcasing all the innovative, award-winning, and ambitious special exhibitions on the evolution of fashion! There are three total floors housing a permanent assemblage, the entire collection encompassing over 50,000 garments and accessories from the 18th century to the present. You will see works from such important designers like Balenciaga, Chanel, and Dior. This is considered to be the ‘Most Fashionable Museum in New York City’, a truly great stop for the fashion-focused, presenting all the aesthetically and historically significant clothing, accessories, textiles, and visual materials in contemporary avant-garde fashion!



Chelsea Market - Start your second day off with a breakfast at Chelsea Market, the indoor marketplace that many people consider to be ‘one of the greatest indoor food halls of the world’. There are over 35 vendors lining the halls of this marketplace, selling everything from ‘cheese and cheesecake to soup and nuts’. Seeing all of this and learning the history of the market, it is really easy to see why this attraction is also considered to be ‘one of the most trafficked and written-about destinations in New York City’.  This is truly the perfect place to grab a delicious and fresh breakfast, be it a sit-down big brunch or a quick grab n go fuel up, you can even find fresh produce and meats for a picnic later. For the best breakfast foods, we suggest Sarabeth's or Davidovich, though for lunchtime foods Los Tacos Numer One and The Lobster Pound are highly popular, and for good reason!

Highline - If you’ve never experienced New York’s High Line then you are in for a true treat! This is the perfect time to take in all the essential NYC sights, all from the historic 1.45-mile-long portion of old disused New York Central Railroad! Today the High Line is a popular linear park built above Manhattan, sitting along an elevated section of the old West Side Line, or High Line Railroad. The railroad was used from 1934 to about 1990, the park established in 2014. Today High Line is a really popular park, many people attracted to its green rooftop, rail line history, and unbeatable river and city views 30 feet above street level! You can use this public park to stargaze, partake in tai chi, meditate, take a city tour, study up on your NYC history, or simply enjoy a midday picnic and people watch the city below!

Milk Studio - Milk Studio is a widely recognized fashion and media company located along 15th Street in the Chelsea District of Manhattan, as well as in L.A. This company is well-known for ‘standing at the crossroads of the fashion, music, photography, and film worlds’, a media company who has partnered with some of the most visually talented and innovative brands since its inception. The particular studio in NYC contains Studios 1-4, the Loft, Penthouse, and Studios A-D, each splashed with a background melting white coat, perfect for fashion shows and photography events! If you are lucky enough to be here during fashion week then you are at the must-stop of the entire experience, and if you are not you will still be able to catch any current fashion shows or events happening inside!

Macy's Fashion Tour -  "Let a Macy's specialist guide your group through the current brands, designers, and trends right off the runways. They'll receive wardrobe styling tips and help to create their own unique look."

Multiple Designer Sample Sale - This last stop is also much in the hands of your group's personal tour guide, they being the one with the info on all the best designer sample sales the day of your trip (not to mention all their in’s in the fashion industry)! This is your opportunity to see tons of bold, vibrant, and popular design trends, and even shop them in this micro-sampler sale! Don’t worry, it really won’t break your bank as much of the stops did before, this is a sale!