2-Day Toronto Educational

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

This 2-day educational trip through the Toronto region will show your group all the area's finest art, architecture, and even natural wonders toward Niagara Falls!

Day 1

Art Gallery of Ontario

A world-class art institution with over 90,000 works on display ranging from the 1st century to today, the Art Gallery of Ontario will be a true treat for your student group no matter what your trip focus is. Completed in 2004 by renowned architect Frank Gehry, the Art Gallery of Ontario is among 'the most distinguished art museums in North America'. It holds one of the most significant collections of African Art within the continent, as well as the absolute largest Oceanic art and artifacts collection in all of Canada. Some of the biggest highlights throughout the gallery include Galleria Italia, an exquisite wood and glass feature that will certainly catch your eye, as well as 'The Massacre of the Innocents', a contemporary and cutting-edge collection you can't miss.

CN Tower

Perhaps the most talked-about architectural feature in all of Toronto, measuring in at a whopping 553.3 meters high, is the CN Tower. This concrete communications and observation tower is located in downtown Toronto, undoubtedly providing the very best panoramic views of the city there is! Construction began on the CN Tower in 1973 on Front Street, at the time being known as the tallest tower in the Western Hemisphere. The tower provided an 'eye-opening, mind-blowing new perspective' on the city views, a perspective that over 1.5 million visitors come to check out each year.

Day 2

Casa Loma Castle 

During a tour of 'Toronto's Majestic Castle', your group will be able to see all three floors, the lower level, gardens (seasonally), grounds, tunnels, garage, and stables. The main floor will show you such rooms as the Great Hall, Library, Dining Room, and Conservatory, and the second will show the suites and bathrooms. The third holds the servant's quarters and stairs to the tower, providing unbeatable views of the lush property. Down below on the lower level see the various eateries, gift shop, pool room turned theater, wine cellar, and one of the most insightful aspects, the tunnel. The 800 feet of tunnel space connecting to the stables shows the 'Dark Side of Toronto', displaying such things as the Great Toronto Fire, Depression, and Plague.

Niagara Falls - 2.5-hour trip

Behind the Falls Tour

Located on the Ontario side of Niagara Falls in the Table Rock Centre, this sightseeing excursion takes you right below and behind the Horseshoe Falls! Horseshoe Falls sees 2,800 cubic meters of water over the falls per second, the entire falls system comprising 1/5th of the world's freshwater. You will descend 125 feet and explore 130-year-old tunnels through the bedrock, feeling the vibrations of the falls long before you actually see them. The viewing portals cut straight through the bedrock, offering incredible views of the '13-story-tall wonder' you simply won't get anywhere else!