2-Day Toronto Stay and Play

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

Spend two days exploring Toronto's top attractions, from the educational and extremely insightful Royal Ontario Museum to the entertaining and extremely thrilling Canada's Wonderland Theme Park. Don't worry, we'll book it all!


Royal Ontario Museum

Located right in the heart of downtown Toronto, this museum of art, history, and culture will provide your group with top-notch education and insight through the various exhibits, programs, and activities throughout.Though the exhibits are regularly changing, you can look forward to such broad topics as prehistoric living, world wars, or even early architecture in Canada! Speaking of architecture, it will be hard not to discuss this match of modern and Romanesque/Byzantine architecture during your visit or tour, the building quite a sight to see all on its own. A few examples of current exhibitions on display, to give you a better idea of what to expect, including Family Camera, a more cultural and personal display, and Evidence Room, a shocking yet insightful look at how big of a role architecture played at Auschwitz.

Casa Loma

This Gothic Revival style home is today a museum, landmark, and popular garden tour grounds, with regular tours and events throughout the year. During a tour of 'Toronto's Majestic Castle', your group will be able to see all three floors, the lower level, gardens (seasonally), grounds, tunnels, garage, and stables. The main floor will show you such rooms as the Great Hall, Library, Dining Room, and Conservatory, and the second will show the suites and bathrooms. The third holds the servant's quarters and stairs to the tower, providing unbeatable views of the lush property. Down below on the lower level see the various eateries, gift shop, pool room turned theater, wine cellar, and one of the most insightful aspects, the tunnel. The 800 feet of tunnel space connecting to the stables shows the 'Dark Side of Toronto', displaying such things as the Great Toronto Fire, Depression, and Plague.After your look around this grand 18th-century home filled with European elegance be sure to enjoy a meal at any of the three onsite eateries, from the light and tasty plates at Liberty Caffe or Terrace Grill to a nice sit-down dinner at the new BlueBlood Steakhouse.

Eaton Center

Located in a hub of transit in the heart of downtown, the Eaton Center is considered by many to be the busiest mall in North America, with the PATH Underground pedestrian walkway, city subway system, and various public transportation options all within steps of the mall. In fact, statistics show that in 2015 there were just over 48 million visitors!Inside you will find a vast array of shops, eateries, and clothing stores, plus a good selection of entertainment throughout. Shop at over 250 different retail vendors, from Aldo to ZAYO CANADA INC. Find clothes, home decor, bath accessories, and so much more throughout, then head to the multicultural food court to grab a bite to eat.The food court is three floors total, with everything from your popular fast food chains to Thai and Malaysian foods. There are several local Toronto eats, as well, giving an added local cultural insight bonus.

CN Tower (Dinner at 360 Restaurant optional)

Perhaps the most talked about architectural feature in all of Toronto, measuring in at a whopping 553.3 meters high, is the CN Tower. Once your group is here you will take one of 6 glass fronted elevators up to the Lookout Level, the ride only taking 58 seconds! Once on this floor, you will be able to enjoy the views out of the thermochromatic film glass windows, the lighting adjusting to improve energy efficiency and viewing. After you have looked around (literally), board the elevator on the LookOut Level to travel through the core of the Tower (33 additional stories higher) to SkyPod. This level features various exhibits covering subjects such as architecture and weather (what happens when it's really windy outside at the top of the tower?). You could also head just one level down from Lookout Level and find the Outdoor SkyTerrace, sitting at 342 meters high!


Canada's Wonderland

Welcome to Canada's Wonderland, the 330-acre theme park located in Vaughan, Ontario, just 40 kilometers north of downtown Toronto. Built in 1981, this park has remained Canada's premier amusement park for over 35 years now, providing families with the 'most exhilarating collection of rides and coasters in North America'.You will find thrill rides, coasters, kid zones, a water park, and plenty of eating options throughout the park, plus a maze of event space regularly used for concerts, festivals, and shows. Head to such rides as the Leviathan, a 306-foot tall coaster reaching speeds of 148 km/hour, the Behemoth, reaching 125 km/hr and soaring to 330 feet, or Soaring Timbers, a 66-foot tall sky-high spinning adventure with unbeatable 360-degree views of the park. There are over 20 acres of water-themed thrills as well, with pools, slides, rides, and rivers to make a splash in!There are possible custom school programs and visit options as well, providing fun, affordable, and educational experiences for students.