2-Day Weekend in Colorado Springs

Day 1 You’ll See:

Day 2 You’ll See:

Do you want to see all that Colorado Springs has to offer but only have a weekend to do it? Then this is the perfect tour for you, a two-day adventure that will take you from the top of Pike's Peak to the underground wonders of the Cave of Winds.





Pike’s Peak Cog Railway - Start your fun trip with a ride on Pike’s Peak Cog Railway. On a railway ride, your group will receive a guided tour in comfort and style, full of educational tidbits about the history and geography of the area you will see on your 8.9-mile trek. On the beginning of your trip, you will pass along Ruxton Creek in the Englemann Canyon, slowly following the railway past Minnehaha Falls, Hell’s Gate, Deer Park, the Four Mile Siding, Mountain View, and Big Hill. You will see the natural landscape from spruce and pine to sagebrush and scrub oak, and everything in between. Be sure to pack a jacket for this trip, for every 1000 feet you rise the temperature will drop around 3.5 degrees, making it a crisp 30 degrees colder at the top!

Garden of the Gods - Welcome to the Garden of the Gods, a place as wondrous as its name! This 1,340-acre park features some of the most beautiful and unusual red sandstone formations that have been cultivated from over 300 million years of erosion. Packed with diverse plants and animals, the park was voted America’s top park in 2014, as you will easily see why! The Garden of the Gods Trading Post is one of the world's’ largest trading posts and also Colorado’s largest art gallery and gift store. Within this post, you will find over 25,000 gifts and souvenirs, as well as several galleries featuring local and national artists.

Downtown Colorado Springs - Welcome to Downtown Colorado Springs, the epicenter of all that happens in this exciting city. Designated as a Colorado Creative District, your group will find a bevy of art galleries, museums, shops, and restaurants all along these tree-lined streets, making this the perfect stop to spend a couple hours (or half the day!).Head to any of the 13 different eateries in the area such as Springs Orleans or Over Easy. There are plenty of casual outdoor options, upscale dining stops, and grab and go restaurants to choose from, ensuring everyone in your group can find something they like.


U.S Olympic Training Center -A tour of this 8 million dollar, 35-acre flagship training center will allow your group to see the swimming and shooting headquarters of the nation, as well as over 15 member organizations and two international sports federations. The beginning of your tour involves a short intro video, followed by an hour walking journey through the sports venues and support facilities for fencing, gymnastics, judo, pentathlon, shooting, swimming, weightlifting, wrestling, and taekwondo. Your group will be astounded by the extensive housing, dining, training, and recreation opportunities inside, serving over 500 athletes and coaches at one time. Join the over 130,000 visitors per year that take part in the 15 busy tours per day at this impressive and very popular Colorado Springs attraction.

National Museum of WWII Aviation - Created in 2012, this state of the art research and information facility, the National Museum of WWII Aviation, provides visitors with a unique educational experience that promotes a deeper understanding of the historical importance of American aviation in WWII. It also discusses in depth the role in shaping the world in which we live that aviation had in its time. This museum is the only one in the world that focuses exclusively on WWII aviation, making it a very interesting and unique stop in Colorado Springs.

Cave of Winds - Sitting at 7,000 feet atop Williams Canyon, this cave provides your group with the perfect Colorado experience, giving you the wonders of the underground with the majesty of being on top of a mountain, all at the same time! Your group can choose from a couple different tours, each one allowing you to investigate cave formations, journey back in time, and get an unforgettable history and geology lesson.You can also take a Wind Walker Challenge course if you are feeling risky, full of steel beams, swinging ropes, and dizzying ladders. Take some time to overlook the 700-foot gorge that gives great views of Pikes Peak at the visitor center or gift shop before you go!