3-Day ABQ Education

Day 1 You’ll See:

Day 2 You’ll See:

Day 3 You’ll See:

Albuquerque is a city chock-full of educational wonders, from local gem mining history to native animal informational centers, well-known haunted spots downtown to local shoot out markers. Your student group will learn so much during this 3-day educational adventure!


American International Rattlesnake Museum - Within this animal conservation museum, you will find the largest collection of different species of rattlesnakes on public exhibit in the world, the museum also holding an astounding array of rattlesnakes art, artifacts and memorabilia. This Old Town Albuquerque museum staple is devoted to snakes, particularly rattlesnakes, and is dedicated to rattlesnake education in general. You will find 34 different species of rattlers inside, from the Baja Californian to the Costa Rican.Several various exhibits and films dedicated to rattlesnakes from across the world will be found within, the informational opportunities providing exciting and educational experiences that your group won't soon forget.

New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science - Located on Mountain Road near Old Town, Albuquerque, this natural history and science museum features exhibits, gems, dinosaur skeletons, and even a unique time-travel simulation ride that all work together nicely to provide guests with a comprehensive overview of the local natural history and scientific elements. The museum 'works to preserve and interpret the distinct natural and scientific heritage of the state,’ a task that it has done very well since first opening in 1986.Inside you will have several different options for educational entertainment, from the onsite Planetarium to the popular Lockheed Martin Dynatheater.

AlbuCreepy Downtown Ghost Walk -The AlbuCreepy Downtown Ghost Walk will provide your group with a history lesson and entertainment session all in one, this tour company receiving the highest raves and reviews from both TripAdvisor and Yelp. During the 100 minute tour, you will walk through Albuquerque’s darkest downtown secrets, from tales of lovers with a vengeance to mysterious soldier interactions, and all things of the like. With a troubled past of public hangings, bloody duels, and monstrous murders, Albuquerque is truly a creepy place to explore!


Turquoise Museum - The Turquoise Museum will provide your group with one of the most unique museum experiences you can have in Albuquerque, this popular educational center focused on all things turquoise. A visit to this 40-year old museum center will teach you the history of the gem, the vast variety of specimens, and even give you an extensive look at turquoise gem mining across the world.The Turquoise Museum is located on Central Avenue within a small strip mall just west of Old Town. You will find the museum, an education center, an active silversmith shop, and even a gift shop within the area, the latter selling historical and contemporary gem pieces that will certainly catch your eye. You can visit a working lapidary shop as well, a spot in which turquoise is polished.

Old Town Albuquerque Tour - Old Town Albuquerque is one of the absolute oldest established sites in North America, first founded in 1706 (that’s 70 years before the United States became a country!).History and GHOST Tours of Old Town provides guests with all the ‘History, Legends, and Lore’ of Old Town, the team of certified guides dispelling rumors and explaining all that makes up ‘Duke City’. Tour options last anywhere from 75 minutes to 2 hours and take groups on leisurely strolls through the streets and alleys of the town, immersing them directly into the Land of Enchantment. You can choose between a private group tour or the basic High Noon History Tour, the latter of which lasting anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes and covering the expanse of 1 mile (offered daily at 12 pm).

Old Town Albuquerque Free Time - Discover, explore, eat, and play!


ABQ BioPark - Zoo and Aquarium -Start your BioPark visit at the Albuquerque Aquarium, the top aquatic information spot holding an impressive 285,000-gallon ocean tank full of some of the most colorful and interesting fish from both local and international waters. You will follow the journey down the Rio Grande from Albuquerque to the Gulf of Mexico, encountering various reefs and species along the way. Enjoy such popular exhibits as Coral Reefs, Eels, Gulf Coast Gallery, Jellies: Aliens from the Sea, the Rio Grande, and Shark Tank. If you work up an appetite certainly do not pass up the chance to take in the delicious food and unbelievable views from Shark Reef Cafe before you go.After you see all that you desire to see in the aquarium head over to the Albuquerque Zoo, one of the top spots in the city to see wildlife conservation efforts in play! See the over 900 different animals, over 250 species represented as you learn all about various conservation and breeding programs with your group. From lions and elephants to kangaroos and koalas, this zoo really has it all. One of the guest's favorites is the Zoo Babies section, a hard-to-pass-up mini animal addition to the park. There are also 4 different cafes to choose from here, as well.