3-Day Boston College Tour

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

Day 3 You'll See:

During this whirlwind 3-day college-focused tour of Boston, your group will be able to tour Harvard, Boston University, and the Massachusettes Institute of Technology!


Harvard University

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Harvard University is the oldest and also one of the most popular Ivy League universities in the country. The Student-led Harvard Walking Tour is a historical tour in which your student group will depart from the Harvard Information Center, learning everything from the history of the university to receiving a unique view on the guide's individual experience at Harvard. The Self-guided Tour of Harvard Yard lets the student group walk the campus freely using audio guides, mobile tour apps, or pamphlets. Are there group members looking to attend Harvard as a graduate student? If this is the case, the Graduate Admissions Visit Tour is offered for a deeper look into the university's graduate school programs.

Harvard Square

Established in 1630 as a small colonial settlement, Harvard Square has flourished into the modern age. For attractions with historical significance, visit the House at 24 Irving Street, The Brattle Theater, the Harvard Museum of Natural History, or Club 47, otherwise known as Club Passim, where the Southern African-American blues movement gained ground in New England. Meet the “Square Characters” that have become Harvard Square staples over the years such as Sidewalk Sam who is known for making chalk masterpieces on the sidewalk. If you desire art and entertainment, see the Actors’ Shakespeare Project perform Othello, experience the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra, or shake with laughter at the comedy acts of The Mystery Lounge, The Regattabar, or The Sinclair.

Harvard Museum of Natural History 

Located on the campus of America's oldest university, the Harvard Museum of Natural History is a world-class, Ivy League worthy institution of ecological fascination. Exhibits laud nature in all forms from its science to the artistic renditions of its intense beauty. Find mounted specimens of the largest creatures from the African continent, hands-on activities to aid learning about arthropods and other insects, wildlife specimens from Asia and South America, and more. Travel back in time to the Cenozoic Era and find 65 million-year-old fossils, explore the science of evolution through interactive and visual displays, or tour the history of the earth's crust with galleries of thousands of gems and minerals.

Faneuil Hall and Marketplace

Now one of the country’s best shopping districts, Faneuil Hall maintains both its historical integrity whilst evolving with the modern times to bring you and your travel group the best of both worlds.  Find favorite stores like Ann Taylor, Coach, LeSportsac, Victoria’s Secret, and Nine West among others plus new and exciting boutiques unique to Boston. Tour or stay for a while at the recreated Cheers pub and grab a souvenir from their gift shop to commemorate your visit, watch the entertaining and talented street performers that light up the street, explore the many art galleries, and more. You never know what you might find at the Faneuil Hall and Marketplace district where history meets sophisticated luxury.


Boston University

This historical campus offers student group tours and information sessions to get better acquainted with the campus as a whole. During your visit, the group can see other city highlights such as the Freedom Trail, a two and a half-mile trail through sixteen of Boston's most historic attractions. Participate in the guided Campus Tour with or without the information session beginning with a presentation where you will learn about Boston University’s dynamic academic and social community, the application process, and admissions. After the information session, the group will be led outdoors and encouraged to explore everything from the Student Union to the University Beach.

Freedom Trail

Leading you over two and a half miles and 16 historic landmarks, the Freedom Trail escorts you through the most historically significant sites in the nation. On this trek, you will learn about the brave people who shaped the nation while also discovering the rich Revolutionary history. As the foundation likes to say, "every step tells a story" on the Freedom Trail! You can follow the red brick line and see all 16 historic sites along the trail. Start at the Boston Common and see attractions like the Granary Burying Ground, the Massachusetts State House, and King's Chapel. Each stop has its own historical plaque of information but if you desire more history, guide books, brochures, and audio tours are available for purchase and/or download.


Massachusettes Institute of Technology

Welcome to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the private research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Boston. More commonly referred to as MIT, this campus sits right alongside the Charles River on a total of 166 acres, within the colorful district of Kendall Square. MIT was first established in 1861, though the first students weren't admitted until 1865. The highly respected university boasts 5 different schools, 30 + departments, and 60+ labs and programs within its extensive repertoire. It is a land-grant, sea-grant, space-grant school, as well.

MIT Museum

Originally founded in 1971 to house and preserve the university's collections of artifacts, the MIT Museum has evolved to become an educational avenue illuminating on the artifacts and on MIT's mission to make a better world through science and technological innovations. Exhibits range from student showcases to innovations in holographic technology, robotics, the history of early technology, and even artistic showcasing of photography and more. The exhibits are scheduled and carefully chosen to provide an ever-evolving look into MIT's mission and history, curating artifacts and new acquisitions, scientific innovations, and recent developments in technology.