3-Day Branson Performance Tour

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You’ll See:

  • Historic Downtown
  • Branson Landing
  • World’s Largest Toy Museum
  • Tanger Outlets
  • The Haygoods

Day 3 You’ll See:

Branson is home to over a hundred incredible live shows, country-themed performances, and talented entertainers waiting to dazzle you and your group! Home to one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Midwest, Silver Dollar City, as well as Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede, your group won't run out of options for performances to see for weeks, and you will undoubtedly be entertained every step of the way! Check out a local favorite the Haygoods, see the Harlem Globetrotters in action, or listen to the southern sounds of a Cajun band, all just in a day's work for Branson!



Titanic Museum - One of Branson’s number one family-friendly attractions can be found at the educating and entertaining Titanic Museum! This museum is full of interactive attractions and shares the stories of those who were on board for the infamous ocean voyage. The museum is full of authentic artifacts, personal items from family and loved ones, and even special news coverage from the day of the tragic event. A two-hour tour will allow your group to walk through the entire interactive ship replica, complete with a crew in authentic period attire. Once on board, you will receive a boarding pass with the name of an actual passenger, which you can check the fate of at the lost/surviving souls memorial wall. You will also have the chance to learn SOS code, shovel coal, touch an iceberg, sit in a recreating lifeboat, and view the over 4.5 million dollars worth of artifacts throughout. A visit to this museum will give you and your entire group a new profound appreciation for the most famous ship, the Titanic.

Dixie Stampede -  As Dolly Parton herself says, "this is the most fun place to eat in Branson!" Dolly’s Dixie Stampede is a 2-hour dinner show that is rated one of the most spectacular shows of its kind in the nation. Get ready for magnificent riders, live buffalo, and delicious southern style food as you sit down for a friendly competition. The show itself features 32 beautiful horses and their riders, competing for the win through many entertaining activities such as a carriage, pig, and barrel races, as well as plenty of comedy, music, and dancing. You’ll even see a stampede of real buffalo through the arena, as you enjoy a wonderful 4-course meal. The entire complex can seat 1,100 guests and comprises 35,000 square feet, making it perfect for any group! The patriotic finale will have you stamping your own feet and hands as a glittering tribute to life in America, bringing this friendly show to a positive end.


Historic Downtown - With roots as far back as 1888, Historic Downtown Branson is a highly popular local and tourist destination with a small town vibe. The entire district features over 80 unique restaurants, retail shops, entertainment options, and other various attractions. Your group will find almost anything it desires here, from fine art to flea markets, mom-and-pop eats to fancy dining. One of the most popular destinations for historic retail therapy is Dick’s 5&10. This old time 5 and dime store features a historic interior design as well as old-time artifacts and displays. The whole district is laid out with brick facades, Victorian lampposts, and old buildings full of period-appropriate architecture, and you can even tour some of the oldest buildings, such as the theatre, drug store, and bank! Take advantage of the Discover Trolley for free transportation around downtown, it even takes you to your next stop at the Landing!

Branson Landing - Created in 2006, the Branson Landing is the only lifestyle retail, restaurant, and waterfront entertainment district in this rich Midwest region. Located along Roark Creek and Lake Taneycomo, this tourist attraction features 100 shops and restaurants within its 95 acres and provides some of the best views in Branson. Take a walk along the 1.5-mile scenic boardwalk with Lake Taneycomo as the backdrop, enjoy some more relaxing retail therapy, or go stroll around the vibrant town square terrace. Here you will find a water attraction created by and modeled after the one at the Bellagio in Vegas, featuring 120-foot geysers, fire cannons, and a live music and light show. This gorgeous strip of Branson Landing was created with the picturesque waterfront setting and Ozark ancestry in mind, making it a quintessential Missouri must stop when visiting!

World’s Largest Toy Museum - Step back in time and rediscover the joy of your favorite toys, or remember your favorite childhood heroes, at the World’s Largest Toy Museum in Branson! This ultimate toy warehouse house toys as old as the 1800s and as new as the newest Star Wars film. Here you will find old-fashioned board games like Break the Bank and TV hero lunch tins, like Dukes of Hazzard. You will also find, of course, TOYS! Explore the floors of tin toys, Barbies, Disney toys, Roy Rogers toys, action figures, cast iron toys, classic cars, nascars, Lion King toys, and so much more. You will even find your childhood heroes memorabilia, such as Tom Mix, Groucho Marx, and Shirley Temple. This entire complex spans America’s history of toys over 150 years, making it "like Christmas morning every morning" for any age in your group - even the adults will love it!

Tanger Outlets - The perfect place for some serious retail therapy, Tanger Outlets is Branson’s premier indoor shopping center!  Tanger Outlet guarantees the best deals on your favorite premium name brands, they even pay you the difference in cash if you find it cheaper somewhere else! Be sure to save some room in your suitcase to bring back a few more outfits from the designers you love! Most of the top-quality merchandise can be found at 30-70% below retail prices due to the direct manufacturer sales. You will even find the best Branson and Missouri souvenirs here and have plenty of options to find something tasty to eat throughout the shopping center. Relax and enjoy the shopping excursion as you hunt for the best bargains you will find around here!

The Haygoods - Welcome to the longest running, most successful first generation show in Branson, the Haygoods! This talented family band features five brothers and one sister that share 23 years of experience among them all. The band features incredibly tight harmonies, innovative and energetic choreography, amazing special effects, and above all, great performances. The Haygoods play over 20 different instruments, and have played over 10,000 concerts for 5,000,000 people from around the world! This impressive family talent is by far Branson’s most popular show, with 62 sellouts last season alone! Your group will love this backwoods, Americana country rock style of music that fuses with rock and pop to create the cleanest harmonies. Enjoy their 23rd season of magic with this two-hour show that your group is sure to fall in love with!


Silver Dollar City - Enjoy your last fun-filled day in Branson at Silver Dollar City, an award-winning theme park nestled in the heart of the Ozarks. Over 2 million people a year flock to this 188’s theme park, which famously features 6-world class festivals a year from April to December. The park itself spans 100 acres, featuring 12 stage venues, 30 rides and attractions, 12 restaurants, and 60 shops! Your group is going to absolutely love the choices for live music, such as the Cedric Benoit and Cajun Connection show, thrilling rides, such as the "best new ride of 2013," Outlaw Run, demonstrating craftsmen (check out the Globetrotters show!), and incredible food, such as BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, freshly popped kettle corn, and sugar-dusted funnel cakes. You may never want to leave! Be sure to save some time to check out the 500 ft below surface Marvel Cave and its stunning Cathedral Room, Silver Dollar City’s first attraction!