3-Day Maple Experience

Day 1 You'll See:christmas tree farm

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Day 3 You'll See:


Welcome to New Hampshire, a state full of seasonal beauty that never ends, as well as several learning opportunities and plenty of maple syrup! On this relaxed three-day journey through the state your group will spend some time getting pampered at the White Mountain Resort, getting to know the area at Rocks Estate and Bethlehem, and learning all about how maple syrup is made and why it is so important to the area’s economy at Sunday Mountain Maple Farm. Your group will love the rejuvenating sightseeing opportunities, and you’re going to enjoy the educational opportunities strewn about the trip, especially a trip to the Wright Museum of WWII! Get ready for an excellent three days away in New Hampshire!


White Mountain Hotel and Resort - What better way to kick off your mountainside getaway than with a full day at the highly popular White Mountain Hotel and Resort. This upscale hotel sits adjacent to the Echo Lake State Forest, just 6.5 miles away from the city of Conway. Many people often refer to this hotel as a quintessential New England getaway with its traditional and colonial-inspired decor paired with its wonderfully modern amenities and luxuries. The entire hotel holds 80 rooms, most of them (more often than not the even numbered rooms) with breathtaking views of the magnificent surrounding cliffs and gorgeous mountains of New Hampshire. The amazing hotel room amenities paired with all the offered recreation and relaxation activities makes this is a seriously great place to, well, be on vacation! Take in a hot stone, Swedish, or sports massage, a body scrub or wrap, or maybe just settle for some rejuvenating aromatherapy. The hotel provides free wifi, fitness rooms, saunas, hiking and biking trails, and a golf course! You can curl up by the fireplace with a good book, take a ride on the Canmore or WIldcat ski areas if the season is right, or perhaps just take a warm dip outside in the heated outdoor pool!


Bethlehem -  Welcome to Bethlehem, New Hampshire, the quaint hillside city in Grafton County that was first established in 1774 as Lloyd’s Hill. This quintessential North Country town is surrounded by national forests and pristine natural beauty, home to both Cushman and Strawberry Hill State Forests. Bethlehem is great for year-round outdoor sports and activities and offers tourists a perfect base for mountain travelling! Known around the nation as a popular mountain resort town, Bethlehem offers clean, crisp mountain air and over 30 luxury hotels and boarding houses, all perfect reasons to stop in Bethlehem! Once within the city you will see magnificent private cottages dotting the hillsides, many wooden sidewalks packed with happy locals or curious travelers along main street, and you’ll smell the heavenly aromas escaping from the various hotel kitchens!

Rocks Estate - Located on a cozy 1400 acres in the midst of the town of Bethlehem your group will find your next stop, Rocks Estate, a Christmas tree farm that offers much, much more. Rocks estate also serves as a successful North Country Conservation and Education Center, backed by the society for the protection of New Hampshire Forests. Here you will see a world of history, wildlife, and experiential learning aside neat rows of Christmas trees bordered by perfect stone walls. Open year round, Rocks Estate will please any naturalist or nature enthusiasts with daily bus tours and educational lectures. You can also choose to take a self guided tour or participate in any of the other offered programs happening daily. Take in the 1800-era structures, gorgeous views, picnic opportunities, formal gardens, wildlife viewing, and hiking and biking trails while here, and if the season is right you may just want to pick out your very own Christmas tree!

Sunday Mountain Maple Farm - Maple syrup production is a highly popular and successful business here in New Hampshire, with around 100 total throughout the small state - maybe even more! One of the more popular local maple producers in the area goes by the name of Sunday Mountain Maple Farm, located in Orford. This farm gives daily sugar house tours seasonally, from March to November. This farm offers a roadside wood-fired evaporator that helps produce popular products such as classic maple syrup, candy cream, and maple sugars. Another popular maple producer is located in Lancaster, by the name of Fuller’s Sugarhouse. Fuller’s claims to be "simply the best," a maple industry driven by great soil, pure water, state of the art equipment, and constant attention. Like Sunday Mountain, Fuller’s offers daily tours and tastes of their most popular products, such as maple syrup, candy, cream, and sugar!


Wright Museum -  Start you day off with a highly educational and interesting tour of the Wright Museum of WWII. This museum in Wolfeboro is dedicated to recognizing and honoring the many contributions and enduring legacies of Americans who lived and fought during WWII. Keeping with its original mission, Wright Museum teaches a public understanding and appreciation of the extensive contributions made by soldiers with careful preservation and thoughtful display of their permanent collection of war memorabilia. Your group will find many 1939-1945 era items, the entire collection holds over 14,000 items, representing nicely both the home front and battle fields during the war. There are several educational and interesting items throughout the entire display, not to mention the fully operational military vehicles. Take part in any of the many various educational programs, school tours for all ages, or travelling exhibits. Before you go stop by the museum shop and pick up any key chains, local history books, model airplanes, or games you may want, the money goes toward the museum's education programs!

Ellacoya State Park - End your day and your New Hampshire vacation at Ellacoya State Park, one of the most popular local state parks and beaches! Located in Gilford, along the southwest shore of the largest lake in the entire state of New Hampshire, Lake Winnipesaukee, Ellacoya State Park contains 600 gorgeous square feet of sandy beach for your group to relax and enjoy! The views across the lake will show you the Ossipee and Sandwich Mountains, beautiful vistas you definitely won’t want to miss so bring your camera! You can choose to spend your day swimming and picnicking, or perhaps choose to set up camp and spend the night here. The site offers many camping amenities, including an onsite park store, as well as several outdoor recreation opportunities. Spend some time on the water boating, fishing, kayaking, swimming, or canoeing, or maybe take in some hiking, bird watching, biking, picnicking, or good old fashion playing on the on site playground!