3-Day St. Augustine Excursion

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

Day 3 You'll See:

For all the best in St. Augustine history, education, and fun, book this 3-Day St. Augustine Excursion!


Pirate & Treasure Museum

Featuring over 5,000 square feet of pirate fun, the Pirate & Treasure museum allows you to go back in time, over 300 years ago to the Golden Age of Piracy in Port Royal Jamaica! Explore the various exhibits and artifacts, seeing such things as a real cannon, Jack Sparrow's sword, the captain's cabin, the world's oldest wanted poster, and a real gold bar. You will learn all about these items and their significance, as well as about local pirate legends like Sir Francis Drake and Robert Searles.

Anastasia State Park

Visitors to the popular 1600 acre refuge on the Great Florida Birding Trail enjoy a satisfying array of outdoor activities including sunbathing, beachcombing, swimming, picnicking, fishing, windsurfing, hiking, wildlife viewing, kayaking, and boating; Anastasia Watersports equipment rentals ensures those spontaneous urges to hit the water won’t go unserved and bicycle rentals are also available. The park’s spotless, 139-site full-facility campground serves up all the amenities, including a concession and convenience store, and is situated in a lush wooded area within easy bicycling or walking distance of the pristine beach.

Ghostly Experience Walking Tour

Student groups on St. Augustine getaway won’t want to miss area historian Sandy Craig’s popular “Ghostly Experience Tour.” Over twenty years ago, she realized students on field trips staying in the Old City overnight desperately needed a truly safe, fun and educational evening activity; something out of the ordinary. Participants are led down narrow cobblestone streets by lantern light, hoping for a glimpse of the supernatural; expert guides regale them with true stories of St. Augustine’s “dark side,” reveal “haunting habits,” provide a few spirit-spotting tips and encourage them to “be on the lookout for swooping lights, unearthly fog and ghostly shadows in the night,” all documented phenomena regularly experienced when exploring the Old City’s haunted locations.


Ripley's Red Train Trolley Tour

All aboard for Ripley’s famous Red Train Tours, St. Augustine’s original sightseeing train tour. This step-on, step-off tour line has over 20 convenient stops throughout the city highlighting the most famous attractions, historic sites, restaurants, and shopping opportunities all throughout the nation’s oldest city. This train tour company has been going strong since 1953, boasting a history as colorful as the train itself. The company came about after the Great St. Augustine Trailer Train Wars, the company bought by Ripley’s in 2004. Learn the history of the yellow, blue, black, and finally, red-colored trains that have delighted and educated visitors for over 60 years now before you embark on your very own city tour!

St. Augustine Art Association

Considered to be the 'cultural epicenter of the local art community' today, this organization features monthly themed juried exhibits, regular art events, and educational tours meant for any age group. Take the TOUCH St. Augustine Braille Trail tour, Art and Architecture Walking Tour, or any of the Gallery Tours. The Art and Architecture Walking Tour lasts 90 minutes and takes your group through Old Town St. Augustine, a great opportunity to learn about both local art and local history.

Potter's Wax Museum

This wax museum is housed inside the oldest pharmacy in the United States and is also considered to be the oldest wax museum in the United States overall. It was first founded in 1949 by George L. Potter and has grown into an impressive collection of over 160 different figures. Take a stroll around Potter's and see such people as Mark Twain, Austin Powers, George W. Bush, Jack Sparrow, Harry Potter, and Davey Crockett. There is even a section dedicated to horror! Come back in the evening for the after-hours Ghosts and Gravestones tour, in which your group can explore Potter's Wax Chamber of Horrors.


Spanish Military Hospital Museum

First built in 1965, this museum reflects Spanish colonial architecture and allows you to travel back in time as you watch an apothecary create medicines, discover how colonial herbs were many modern medicines origin, and even see a surgical demonstration. There are 30-40 minute daily guided tours, as well as 45 minute guided educational tours. The educational tour is considered to be the 'only exclusive Second Spanish Period educational tour' in the area!

Colonial Quarter

Located on historic St. George Street, St. Augustine's Colonial Quarter holds several interesting stops, such as the 35-foot watchtower, several different colonial-era buildings, and numerous historic shopping and dining experiences. Your group can take the History Adventure Tour, which will take you up the watchtower, into a blacksmithing shop, and show you a live musket demonstration. You will also stroll along the street section that holds the 'flags over St. Augustine' and see a 270-year-old home along the way. All of these things together will help you 'understand the success of the oldest permanent European settlement in North America'.

Flagler College 

The beauty and exquisiteness of Flagler College go beyond its academics and travel back in time to a period of industrial revolution, of intense beauty in design and decoration, and a time when the wealthy reveled in opulence. Today, the college is among the top in the country for its studies and research and boasts one of the absolute finest campuses in the entire world. Visit for a free guided or self-guided tour of the campus, learn about how you can apply to their programs, and discover the true beauty of St. Augustine.