3-Day Tampa Bay Explore and Learn

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Tampa Bay is one of the most diverse getaway locations that features everything from pristine golden beaches to world-class museums and educational institutions. This 3-day adventure in Tampa Bay will allow your group to explore the best the city has to offer, as well as learn the history, ecology, and geography of an area so shaped by tourism and discovery. 


The Florida Aquarium - The Florida Aquarium is among the top 10 aquariums in North America, and among the top 5 kid-friendly aquariums in the United States. Located in the Channel District of Downtown Tampa, this world-class facility works to entertain, educate, and inspire stewardship about our natural environment. Inside this facility, you will experience a sea of excitement as you see over 20,000 sea creatures, including alligators, dolphins, otters, lemurs, chameleons, stingrays, sand tiger sharks, and even cockroaches! The exhibits range from Florida’s freshwater springs to the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico, including such habitats as wetlands, beaches, and coral reefs. Check out the No Bone Zone invertebrate touch tank exhibit, where you can touch horseshoe crabs, or head over to the Sea Hunt or Madagascar themed areas. If you are feeling especially adventurous you can be a part of the Dive with Sharks program, in which you can swim in the tank with the sharks (even pop star Rihanna has taken part!) or go on a 75 minute Dolphin Quest eco boat tour on the Bay Spirit.  After all the aqua adventure head over to the Caribbean Cantina bar and grill for some delicious lunch while you watch the 500,000 gallons of Coral Reef swim by you!

Bay Spirit II - An extension of the Florida Aquarium, this 75-minute long wildlife excursion will take your group through the largest and busiest port in the Southern United States, Port Tampa Bay. Aboard the Bay Spirit II, the 72-foot catamaran that seats 130 passengers, your group will be guided by a Florida Aquarium experienced naturalist who will give you a view of the extensive ecosystem and numerous species of animals that call this port home. On the cruise, you will see the amazing Atlantic bottlenose dolphin closer than ever, as the cruise line claims that a dolphin is seen 85-90% of the time! Watch as the dolphins fish, feed, play, sleep, and get taught life lessons as you glide along with the port. You will also see numerous bird species, an occasional manatee, or even a few sea turtles! Be sure to bring a fully charged camera, as you won’t believe the views of wildlife you are about to get! This informative cruise, offered daily weather permitting, is easily enjoyed in a climate-controlled cabin, complete with snacks and drinks. If it’s a bit chilly don’t forget to bring a jacket so you can enjoy the crisp, fresh, salty air of the Atlantic from the gorgeous upper deck viewing areas!

International Plaza and Bay Street - With over 200 stores and 16 restaurants, we guarantee each and every member of your group will find something they like here! Spend a couple of hours shopping around, with everything from clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewelry to electronics, decor, toys, and fitness apparel available. You can shop for the finest at Tiffany & Co, or perhaps just grab some new gadgets at Brookstone. You're certainly going to work up an appetite, so save plenty of time for a good dinner. Cheesecake Factory, The Capital Grille, and Frankie's Lobstah Trap all make for great group sit down dinners, but if you are in more of a hurry grab a bite from Auntie Annes, HÄAGEN-DAZS, or Starbucks!


Busch Gardens Tampa - What began as a hospitality center for Anheuser Busch in 1959 has grown into a top Tampa attraction, top United States zoo, and world-class theme park known as Busch Gardens. At first, this location was a modern take on traditional German beer gardens, then over 55 years, it has grown into a 335 acre, African-themed, wildlife, and recreation mecca. In the 1960s the African theme began, and a decade later a steel corkscrew coaster by the name of Python was introduced to the park, creating the beginnings of the world-class theme park. Since then the famous Gwazi dueling wood coaster, Cheetah Hunt’s famous triple launch coaster, and North America’s largest freestanding drop tower, the Falcon’s Fury, have been thrilling guests daily! Perhaps the most important aspect of this park is the wildlife, the whole park featuring over 12,000 different animals spanning across 250 various species. In the 1990s a 3-acre lush habitat called the Myombe Reserve was created to house endangered lowland gorillas and chimpanzees, and today that area combined with similar surrounding areas allows your group to view hippos, hyenas, Malayan tigers, Asian elephants, cheetahs, and orangutans up close and personal! After you’ve explored all the thrilling rides and exciting habitats you can stop at any of the onsite eateries for a delicious dinner or spend some time at the large and very fun Busch Gardens gift shop.  


Egmont Key Snorkel - Once you make it over to Egmont Key you will experience 'vivid history and beauty' as you explore the white sand beaches and various nature trails. Not only is the natural scene here phenomenal, between the clear gorgeous water and the protected state park wildlife refuge land, but the history scene is spectacular too! Your group will get to see a 1800s era lighthouse, an old soldier cemetery, and perhaps the coolest of all, ruins of Fort Dade. There are 2 remaining forts from the Spanish American War, as well. The snorkeling here is so great because the water is clear, calm, shallow, and teeming with life. Underneath you will either be white sand, grass flats, or the abovementioned ruins of Fort Dade. The ruins provide shelter for some tropical fish, guaranteeing you will see some nearby!

Fort De Soto Park - Located just south/southwest of St. Petersburg, technically a part of the community of Tierra Verde, this park is PERFECT for your group! One side of the park faces the Tampa Bay, and the other faces the Gulf of Mexico. While here your group will have so many options for fun! You can canoe, kayak, bike, hike, fish, visit the historic fort and museum, or perhaps just lounge around on the beach and soak in the sun. During any hike, you will see gorgeous mangroves, herons, and white ibis, as well as gorgeous shallow water all around! You HAVE to save enough time to visit the Fort De Soto Batteries, the Spanish American War era fort ruins that will enlighten your group on an integral part of local history. See the old artillery hold, firing galleys, mortar battery cannons, and so much more. In the old postal building, you will find the Quartermaster Museum, filled with photos, documents, and artifacts from the war.