Bay Spirit II Cruise

bayspiritcruise tampaAn extension of the Florida Aquarium, this 75 minute long wildlife excursion will take your group through the largest and busiest port in the southern United States, Port Tampa Bay. Aboard the Bay Spirit II, the 72 foot catamaran that seats 130 passengers, your group will be guided through the port by a Florida Aquarium experienced naturalist. The guide will give your group a view of the extensive ecosystem of Tampa Bay and numerous animal species that call this port, and habitat, home. Bay Spirit II abides by the Dolphin SMART program guidelines, keeping a safe and non-disturbing distance from the impressive mammals while still giving you a close enough look to be amazed!

On a tour of the Tampa Bay port your group will see the amazing Atlantic bottlenose dolphin closer than ever, the cruise line claims that a dolphin is seen 85-90% of the time. With over 400 dolphins within the bay, this isn’t so hard to believe! Watch as the dolphins fish, feed, play, sleep, and learn life lessons as you glide along the port. You will also see numerous bird species, an occasional manatee, or even a few sea turtles! Be sure to bring a fully charged camera, as you won’t believe the views of wildlife you are about to get! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take this informative cruise, offered daily weather permitting, in a climate controlled cabin, complete with snacks and drinks. It might be a bit chilly so don’t forget to bring a jacket so you can enjoy the crisp, fresh, salty air of the Atlantic from the gorgeous upper deck viewing areas!