3-Day Ultimate NYC Literary Landmarks

*This tour is completely customizable, with options to do it all as is, add the additional options as well, move the sites around, or even just do 1 day out of the 3. You can start on day 2 and end with day 1, or just do two days of your choosing, it's all up to you. Each day has a specific literature theme, so you won't be missing out by only choosing one specific day!

Day 1 You’ll See:
JD Salinger's New York - Catcher in the Rye

Day 2 You'll See:
Literary Landmarks

  • Tiffany & Co. - Breakfast at Tiffany's
    Starbucks at Trump Tower
  • Plaza Hotel
    Food Court
  • Wall Street - American Psycho
  • MET - Age of Innocence 
  • Dinner at Onegin 

Day 3 You'll See
Books, Books, Books!

Additional Options:

Get ready for a New York adventure of a lifetime, all based on the classic novels you love!!


JD Salinger's New York - Catcher in the Rye

(Today is all about walking in the footsteps of JD Salinger's Holden Caulfield, allowing your group to experience Catcher in the Rye in the most tangible way).

Biltmore Cafe - This luxury hotel opened in 1913 and is today known as one of the most architecturally influential hotels of the city's past. Walk past the grand Biltmore while sipping some coffee and imagine yourself in Caulfield's shoes. 

Rockefeller Skating Rink - Skate, take a tour, or just sightsee at the famous Rockefeller center, then grab some lunch at the cafe! 
Lunch at Rock Cafe

Museum of Natural History - Explore one of the largest museums in the world and discover natural wonders covering everything from space exploration to dinosaur fossils. Imagine how Holden felt here!

Central Park Carousel - This is an iconic landmark in Catcher in the Rye, as well as a great spot for your group to see NYC's essential culture! Spot the carousel, maybe take a ride, then head over to the Conservatory Water section and catch a boat race, this aspect an added literature bonus from EB White's Stuart Little. Grab some food from a local cafe or grocery store and enjoy a picnic at the park for dinner! 
Picnic in the Park (Stuart Little Bonus) 


Literary Landmarks

Tiffany & Co. - Breakfast at Tiffany's
This is an NYC classic experience, just grab a coffee and pastry at the Starbucks around the corner then window shop as you walk by the high-end boutique. 
Starbucks at Trump Tower

Plaza Hotel - The Great Gatsby
See the ritzy setting for Daisy, Tom, and Gatsby's big scene, from the Champagne room to the lavish lobby. Head the to Food Hall for a delicious lunch!
Food Hall Lunch

Wall Street - American Psycho
This is a rather broad stop suggestion, the entire area spanning 8 blocks, but we feel it's a hard one to pass up in both the literature and NYC tourism sense. Walk the sidewalks our favorite psycho Pat Bateman did, maybe even stop in for a bite at River Cafe.

MET - Age of Innocence
Edith Wharton's classic Age of Innocence utilizes the MET as an important in-novel meeting spot, and today it is also going to be your groups meeting spot! There is so much exploration to be had here, be sure to plan plenty of time!

Dinner at Onegin - Eugene Onegin
This is a completely optional dinner choice because it is fairly pricey. However, as far as literary landmarks, this is certainly one to consider, the entire eatery draped in a Pushkin theme. Experience the tale of Eugene Onegin and enjoy a seriously spectacular dinner!


Books, Books, Books!

The Strand
An iconic NYC bookstore, The Strand has one of the most diverse bo

New York Manhattan Public Library Fifth Avenue 5th Av downtown US

ok selections in the city, the spot holding over 2.5 million books since 1927. A good way to sum this spot up is with their motto, '86 years and 18 miles of books'. Grab some coffee and breakfast before or after your visit to The Bean around the corner. 
The Bean

New York Public Library 
What can we say about this stop, it's a no-brainer for lit lovers visiting the Big Apple! The New York Public Library is the second-largest library in the United States, the fourth largest in the world!

Lunch at the Algonquin Hotel/Dorian Gray Grill
For lunch today your group is going to have a hard choice: have a 'tasteful and modern' meal at the Algonquin Hotel, the site of the Algonquin Round Table of the Roaring 20's (the Vicious Circle), or the Dorian Gray Tap and Grill, the literature-themed gastropub filled with photos of the Irish author.

Housing Works Bookstore and Cafe
An eatery within a volunteer bookstore, volunteer meaning the books and materials are all donated and the proceeds go to the community, this spot will allow you to delve deeper into the New York literary scene, fill your stomachs, and get insight into the local community culture. What a way to leave New York lit lovers!