4-Day Austin Adventure

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

Day 3 You'll See:

Day 4 You'll See:

From the Texas State Capitol to a local rock climbing center, this 4-day Austin Adventure is going to show your group all the very best of Austin, Texas!

Day 1

Texas State Capitol

You can't visit Austin without visiting the Texas State Capitol, the state's official offices and chambers of the Texas Legislature as well as the office of the Governor.Within this Renaissance and Mediterranean Revival building, you will find architectural information, essential Texas history, and of course, in-depth information on the state's legislative process. Student groups (and the general community) should opt-in to take a guided tour of the building and grounds, the 30-minute tours showing you all there is to see.  The grounds surrounding it hold 22 acres and provide an excellent picnic lunch spot for your group, with pre-ordered box lunch options available to your group.

-Governor's Mansion Tour

Mexic-Arte Museum

The Mexic-Arte Museum of Austin is a fabulous destination for educational student groups and graduation celebratory vacations alike. Permanent and temporary exhibitions range in topic from Dia de Los Muertos artwork and expression to artist highlights, Mexican textile prints, and young Latin American artists under 20. While the art on display at the Mexic-Arte Museum is always revolving, your group is sure to find the most authentic representations of the Latin American culture, heritage, and contemporary art.In addition to its wonderful exhibits, the Mexic-Arte Museum is renowned for its outreach programs for underserved youths particularly of Latino and/or Mexican heritage.

Day 2

Elisabet Ney Museum

Welcome to the famed home of Elisabet Ney, the German sculptor who fled Europe's anti-intellectual movement and found artistic refuge here in Austin.  This museum, sitting on 3 acres of gorgeous prairie land, is housed in Ney's former studio and home, Elisabet living here from the 1850's to her death in 1907. The entire museum is now dedicated to showcasing her life and works, with guided tours available that will show you all around the home and fill you in on all the important info.See the Reception Room, Studio, Parlor, and Tower before you head outside and marvel at the gorgeous neoclassical architecture.

The Contemporary Austin

With two different locations plus an in-city art school, The Contemporary Austin is one of the biggest local names in all that is art, art education, and art appreciation.There are two different exhibit areas your group will have the option to visit:

  • Jones Center - The historic downtown building housing modern works from all around the world. See various exhibits and regularly changing educational programs, such as Art Lab, a hands-on art-making experience that deals with different media, techniques, and ideas that work in conjecture with the works on display.
  • Laguna Gloria - History, art, and nature come together beautifully here at Laguna Gloria, otherwise known as the Betty and Ed Marcus Sculpture Park. Visit the 1916 Italianate Villa and Gardens or head straight to the sculpture park, both really exquisite and unique samples of modern art.

Bullock Texas State History Museum

Named for a former Texas Lieutenant Governor Bob Bullock, this amazing museum is located nearby the Texas State Capitol making both easy choices on any educational student trip.Over three floors, your group will be able to explore the history of Texas. Each floor has a theme from "land," to "identity," to "opportunity." Go on an epic journey through time with a theater presentation narrated by Sam Houston (a character representation) and explore Texas from time immemorial until today.

Austin Symphony 

Serving as the oldest performance group in Austin, first founded in 1911, the Austin Symphony Orchestra Society is one of the most artfully insightful and culturally entertaining things your group can do while visiting.The performances are regularly changing, with various soloists, conductors, composers, and other musical programs happening. Popular 2018 productions, to give you an example of what you may see, range from Jurassic Park Live to Rat Pack: 100 Years of Frank!

Day 3

Austin Aquarium

With over 2,000 species at home here, the Austin Aquarium is a leading marine education campus full of excitement and wonder at the world beneath the deep blue waves.Immerse yourselves in the world's oceans by touring the various exhibits and experiences such as feeding areas. Visitors young and old can come up close and personal with small sharks, rays, and more in the touch pool and feeding areas, learning about these amazing creatures from a hands-on perspective. Adults and older students will enjoy the interactive displays and educational galleries full of exotic creatures from around the world. There's plenty for kids as well as adults with playground areas designed around the marine theme for added learning and fun!

Austin Zoo

This small 20-acre rescue zoo started humbly in 1990 and has today grown to one of Austin's top attractions. Currently, the zoo holds over 300 animals representing 100 international species with a variety of exhibits showcasing the animals' unique personalities and characteristics, informing visitors on the importance of ecology and conservation.Explore areas like the Primate Palace and Pavilion to see the Capuchins and spider monkeys, lories, and marmosets, among others.

North Austin Rock Gym

Get ready for all the thrill and reward of scaling a mountain, without all the danger! At North Austin Rock Gym your group can spend an hour, or a whole day, exploring the techniques of rock climbing, this facility hosting one of our nation's best indoor bouldering angles (be sure to check out the Big Pig, the 24-foot bouldering wall that you honestly can't really miss).There are several youth programs and instruction courses available here, as well as outdoor and performance training, though with your short visit we would have to suggest the Belay Training in particular. This is a one-hour course that will allow you to gain the skills to become a SAFE Top Rope Belayer (must be 14).

Day 4

LBJ Presidential Library

Located on 30 acres within the University of Texas Austin campus, this outstanding resource will enlighten you on all that is our 36th president, from his personal life and marriage to his response to the JFK assassination and effects of it during and after his presidency.As only one of 14 presidential libraries in the U.S, LBJ is one of the highest respected historic facets of the city of Austin, the architecture outside modern and monolithic, the contents inside educational and insightful. You will get to examine countless documents, photos, artifacts, and other various mementos while here, and even see a replica of the Oval Office.

John Bremond House

Owned by the Texas Classroom Teachers Association, the John Bremond House is the second most visited historic site in Austin, behind the State Capitol.This home was built around 1887, 1 of 6 remaining structures of 'Bremond Block'. The architecture of the home is breathtaking, the perfect example of Texas Victorian architecture. Your group will see the elaborate dormers, slate shingles, front sable, and mansard roof and get a good grip on the time era and area's style of choice, a nice cultural connection to add to your experience.