4-Day Educational St. Augustine Trip

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Get ready for an educational and entertaining whirlwind of a trip with your group in St. Augustine, Florida. This 4-day adventure is jam-packed with the city's most impressive, informative, and utterly interesting sites available, showing you everything from the Oldest Lighthouse and Museum to a local ghost train adventure!


St. Augustine Art Association

Considered to be the 'cultural epicenter of the local art community' today, this organization features monthly themed juried exhibits, regular art events, and educational tours meant for any age group. Take the TOUCH St. Augustine Braille Trail tour, Art and Architecture Walking Tour, or any of the Gallery Tours. The Art and Architecture Walking Tour lasts 90 minutes and takes your group through Old Town St. Augustine, a great opportunity to learn about both local art and local history.

Lightner Museum

Welcome to the Lightner Museum, the popular museum of antiquities located in downtown St. Augustine within the opulent Hotel Alcazar building. Inside explore Victorian-era artifacts and instruments, the entire collection considered to be the 'finest collection of fine and decorative 19th-century art in the country'. Aside from the permanent collection of antique relics, there are also regularly rotating special exhibits featuring various topics such as American Castles.

Spanish Military Museum  

First built in 1965, this museum reflects Spanish colonial architecture and allows you to travel back in time as you watch an apothecary create medicines, discover how colonial herbs were many modern medicines origin, and even see a surgical demonstration. There are 30-40 minute daily guided tours, as well as 45 minute guided educational tours. The educational tour is considered to be the 'only exclusive Second Spanish Period educational tour' in the area!


Castillo de San Marcos

Castillo de San Marcos is the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States, a monumental historic opportunity in St. Augustine located right off the western shore of Matanzas Bay. This historic fort, now offering self-guided tours, was first designed by Spanish engineer Ignacio Caza between 1672 and 1695. The 21-acres of fortress land was first built due to an apparent strong need for protection and defense for the Spanish claims in the New World, as the area was being attacked by Sir Francis Drake and Robert Searles even before the fort was built.

St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum

Featuring over 5,000 square feet of pirate fun, the Pirate & Treasure museum allows you to go back in time, over 300 years ago to the Golden Age of Piracy in Port Royal Jamaica! Explore the various exhibits and artifacts, seeing such things as a real cannon, Jack Sparrow's sword, the captain's cabin, the world's oldest wanted poster, and a real gold bar. You will learn all about these items and their significance, as well as about local pirate legends like Sir Francis Drake and Robert Searles.

Colonial Quarter

Located on historic St. George Street, St. Augustine's Colonial Quarter holds several interesting stops, such as the 35-foot watchtower, several different colonial-era buildings, and numerous historic shopping and dining experiences. Your group can take the History Adventure Tour, which will take you up the watchtower, into a blacksmithing shop, and show you a live musket demonstration.

Potter's Wax Museum

A fun attraction unlike any of its kind, Potter's Wax Museum is a must-visit for your group while in St. Augustine. This wax museum is housed inside the oldest pharmacy in the United States and is also considered to be the oldest wax museum in the United States overall. It was first founded in 1949 by George L. Potter and has grown into an impressive collection of over 160 different figures. These figures range from Roman Centurions to modern-day celebrities and athletes!

Ripley's Ghost Train Adventure

Get ready for one spooky late-night adventure through the streets of St. Augustine with Ripley's Ghost Train Adventure! This 80-minute, fully interactive tour is considered to be the 'most interactive paranormal experience in St. Augustine', a walking tour that allows you to investigate the haunted history of the city. You will 'go where no other tour in town will take you' as you explore 2 properties never before explore in the dark of the night.


St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park

Welcome to the Alligator Farm Zoological Park! Meet the rare and mysterious Albino Alligators –legend has it simply gazing upon these legendary creatures will bring good luck - pay a visit to 18-foot Gomek, one of the largest crocs to have ever lived at a zoo, and grab a gander at the world’s most DANGEROUS bird - the extraordinary Southern Cassowary. Intrepid adventurers with a need for speed may opt for an aerial view of the zoo’s flora and fauna as they zip through the sky and tackle more than 50 crazy obstacles on their choice of thrilling Crocodile Crossing adventures. If all that zip lining, bird watching, and huge reptile feeding has you thinking about your own lunch, you’ll be happy to know Toucantina tenders tasty tidbits and frosty refreshments during your visit!

St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

Visitors are invited on self-guided tours of the Lighthouse, Museum and Shipyard Playground, with an array of fun and informative guided tours offered to enhance an already fascinating experience. Trudge your way to the top and enjoy breathtaking 360-degree views of St. Augustine, St. Augustine Beach, the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean as your reward; be regaled with local legend and lore – stories of sailors, lightkeepers and fishermen who’ve shaped and guarded the coast of Florida for more than 500 years.


Anastasia Mini Golf 

Let loose and have some fun with your group at Anastasia Mini Golf! This 18-hole mini-golf course has been offering family fun for over 30 years now, first opened in 1987. Follow the painted course through the lush tropical landscape and challenging diversions such as a pirate ship, tunnel, and koi pond! Anastasia Mini Golf will work with your group event, whether it is a school/youth field trip or a large birthday party or corporate event.