4-Day Hawaii Performance Trip

Day 1 You'll See: 

Day 2 You'll See:

Day 3 You'll See:

  • Free Time
  • Ala Moana Center
    • Performance at Centertainment Stage
    • Dinner at Makai Food Court

Day 4 You'll See:

This fun 4-day performance trip to Hawaii will send your group to the Island's most popular performance-friendly attractions, including the USS Arizona Memorial and Ala Moana Center, the latter considered to be the largest open-air shopping center in the world.


Honolulu Lei Greetings - Upon your arrival at the gorgeous Hawaiian islands, you and your group will receive the warmest welcome with the sun shining down on you as you receive a traditional flower lei. The beautiful necklaces of flowers are the true nature of Aloha and fit well with the local motto "fresh flowers and warm alohas." You will encounter a greeter with a sign displaying your names, receive your lei greetings, and then be helpfully led to your next transportation source. There is really no better way to arrive on the islands!

Pearl Harbor & USS Arizona Memorial - Pearl Harbor is the site of one of the most devastating military attacks our country has experienced. Oahu grandly memorializes the fallen through honorable monuments, preservation of the ships involved in the attack, and remembering those who lost their lives on that fateful day in December. The centerpiece of the park is the USS Arizona Memorial, a structure built over the sunken remains of the battleship and the final resting place of 1,177 crewmen bombed in December 1941.

  • Lunch and Rehearsal
  • Performance at USS Missouri
Free Time

Ala Moana Center - First opened in 1959, this upscale, 4-level shopping mall with department stores, boutiques, a food court, and restaurants has been 'Hawaii's Center' for over 60 years now. This piece of land has 'transformed from a swampy parcel of land to Hawaii's premier destination for shopping, dining and entertainment...a favorite gathering place for generations of locals and visitors alike.' There are over 350 retailers to explore inside, with an impressive 160 different dining options to choose from, from fine dining to quick and casual.

Performance at Centertainment Stage - This onsite stage hosting over 800 performances each year, including a daily hula show at 1 pm. The performances range from fashion and music to cultural and community organizations, and everything in between. This is the perfect chance for your group to get in some key performance practice!

  • Dinner at Makai Food Court 
Hanauma Bay Snorkeling - Hanauma Bay is a popular destination because of its vast array of natural wildlife. Tour the area, dive beneath the deep blue surface to meet sea turtles, explore the reef, and see the large population of parrotfish, or simply relax on the magnificently white sand shore. Beneath the waves, you're likely to see such creatures as the state fish of Hawaii, known as Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, a mouthful but a beautiful fish, as well as millet seed butterflyfish, yellow tangs, and much more.

Sea Life Park - Welcome to Sea Life Park Hawaii, Hawaii's #1 Marine Park located in east Oahu. This is the place 'where the heart meets the sea', where you can enjoy the company of dolphins, sea lions, rays, sharks, native fish, and more! This park was first opened in 1964 and sits in a location 'nestled beneath the Ko'olau Mountain Range overlooking the Makapu'u Beach and Rabbit Island'.

  • Chiefs Luau - Enjoy an evening show featuring Chief Sielu, the original 'world champion fire-knife dancer and Polynesian comedian'. Sielu is regarded as the best and funniest Polynesian entertainer in the South Pacific.