4-Day Virginia Beach Grad Getaway

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You have worked so hard to get up to this point, now that you are graduating you deserve a trip that screams fun! That's just what you will get with this 4-day Virginia Beach getaway, this trip full of beach time, shopping time, and roller coaster time! 


Virginia Beach Boardwalk

The thing about Virginia Beach is that you don’t need a bunch of extra attractions to make your trip a fabulous one. The beach itself has everything you need for fun in the sun, including its classic, beautiful boardwalk. Perfect for walking and taking in the sites, the Boardwalk also rents bicycles built for 1, 2 – up to 6 people to help you tour this classic stretch of Virginia Beach. There are restaurants and activities along the boardwalk, including the Virginia Beach amusement park.

Atlantic Avenue Shopping

Atlantic Avenue hosts year-round fun on every oceanside block, offering up some of the best shopping, dining, and attraction options in the whole city, not to mention all the regular community events, summer festivals, and more. Shopping-wise, you will find everything from fashionable boutiques and jewelry stores to beach accessories and souvenirs. Some of the best places to shop along the Avenue include Shoppes at 31Ocean, which is an eclectic and upscale collection of boutiques, Virginia Gift Shop, Sunsations, and The Look Boutique, and many more.

Rudee Tours Sunset Cruise

With arguably the absolute best location Virginia Beach has to offer, Rudee Tours allows visitors to get up close and personal with dolphins using its wide array of sea-faring vessels that travel in and out of the Rudee Inlet. Located in the only inlet like it on the East Coast, boats such as the most popular Rudee Flipper will take you to the best dolphin sighting areas as close as 3 minutes away from its dock. Flipper is a 65 ft long, 28 ft wide South Sea Catamaran that includes two restrooms, climate-controlled cabins, handicap accessibility, as well as food and adult beverage bars.


Ocean Breeze Water Park or Motor World

A little smaller than it’s mega-park brothers and sisters, Ocean Breeze is the perfect stop for an awesome afternoon splash-and-slide fest! Roll on down 1,000-foot Adventure River through Hideaway Cove- a mellow and relaxing tubing experience for floaters of all ages! Take the Pirate’s Plummet; cool off fast with Coconut Drops and Bamboo Shoots!


Motor World is full of some of the highest thrills in Virginia Beach, a racetrack haven for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies alike. Mainly devoted to the thrill of racing, there are several to choose from with different styles of twists and turns and different car designs. There is definitely a racetrack for everyone, and every skill level, within this park.

King Neptune’s Indoor Blacklight 3-D Mini Golf

Of course, as you can tell from the name, it isn’t your typical mini golf experience. Once you walk inside you will be immersed in a glowing ‘under the sea’ themed 3D mural, a really fun spin on the basic mini-golf backdrop. You may choose to wear your 3D glasses or not (some may get headaches), but we suggest you put them on for hole 9 at least! (Talk about trippy!)

Lynnhaven Mall 

Virginia Beach's’ premier shopping center, Lynnhaven Mall, is considered to be an enclosed ‘super-regional shopping mall’, a frequently visited shopping hot spot for both locals and tourists. Great deals, great entertainment, and, of course, great shopping can be found within the walls of this 1981 established shopping center. For entertainment head to the onsite AMC theater or indoor kid’s Play Area. You will also want to check to see if there are any special events taking place during your visit.


Virginia Beach Beach Time

On the beach, you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite sand and sun activities as well as surfing, swimming, and other water sports. If you haven’t been to the ocean before, you’re about to see what all the fuss is about.


Experience freefall without the danger of jumping out of an airplane in iFly's 1000 hp wind tunnel which creates a cushion of air on which you float the same as you would in traditional skydiving.

Ghosts of Virginia Beach Walking Tour 

Follow the legends of Blackbeard the pirate, what happened to his head, and why his crew apparently still hangs around. Plus, what’s a ghost tour without witches? You’ll learn about the most famous witch in Virginia and her trial. This tour is a haunting look into the paranormal and the legends and ghost tales that accompany Virginia’s fascinating history.


Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens has massive, exciting roller coasters named for legendary creatures. The Griffon was a mythical bird that was part eagle and part lion. The coaster of the same name throws you down a 70 mph drop at a 90-degree angle. Apollo’s Chariot is consistently voted in top 10 steel coaster lists with 9 amazing plummets of its own. And Busch Gardens also boasts the Big Bad Wolf and the Loch Ness Monster, which flings you 13 stories in the air and 114 feet down. With all that and so much more, Busch Gardens Williamsburg is sure to become one of your favorite theme parks in the country.