4-Day Costa Rican Stay

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One of the best samplings of what this gorgeous country has to offer, scenically, educationally, and recreationally.



Alajuela -The second largest city in Costa Rica after San Jose, and the capital of the Alajuela district, this city is a cultural gem your group is going to love. In Alajuela, students will find classic Central Valley beauty, cultural insights into day to day life, and an interesting Costa Rican history lesson to boot. While here take a stroll downtown and meet some local Ticos or head to lush Parque Central to take in your surroundings. To the west of the park, you will find the city block wide Central Market, an excellent spot to get a better taste of local culture. The famous red-domed church near the park is a popular spot to stop, as is the Juan Santamaria Cultural History Museum, filled with maps and artifacts from the infamous battle. Just outside of town, which is just 20 km northwest of San Jose,  your group can visit Zoo Avenue, Poas Volcano, and Butterfly Farm.

Poas Volcano National Park -This national park comprises a total of 16,000 acres, a highly popular natural spot within the Alajuela Province just 40 miles north of San Jose. Poas Volcano is an active 2,708-meter stratovolcano located within two large calderas. The crater of the volcano itself is 320 meters deep, almost one mile wide. Guests will have a chance to see small geyser and lava eruptions while visiting, these small actions frequent but not serious, the last serious event happening in 1952-1954. Be sure to save plenty of time during your visit for the onsite visitors center and museum, this educational and highly interesting spot full of interactive educational presentations and activities. Open 8 am to 4 pm, this center also holds a cafe, gift shop, and auditorium. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about the diverse geology of Costa Rica, as well as volcanism in general.

Dairy Farm - On your way through Poas Volcano National Park, you should definitely make time for a stop at the dairy farm at the Poas Volcano Lodge, this spot allowing guests an inside look at Costa Rican dairy farming. Here on the farm, your group can get involved in milk and cheese production right along with the farmers, the entire process explained in a very hands-on manner.The tour company Corso Lecheria takes guests on a tractor ride around the farm for about an hour total, showing them the Jersey cows, newborn calves, horses, cheese production facility, and a guest favorite, the strawberry plantation. During the entire tour, you will be sampling the finest local cheeses, as well as have the opportunity to pick and eat your fill of fresh strawberries.


Arenal National Park - Arenal Volcano National Park is a northern Costa Rican must see, a massive expanse of land (29,692-acre) that holds iconic hot springs, an active volcano, and extremely diverse wildlife populations. The geographical and biological complexity within these areas is simply astounding.Arenal Volcano itself stands at 5,357 feet tall, considered to be the most active volcano in the country today. Arenal has seen a steady lava flow since 1968, whereas the volcanos neighbor, Chato Volcano, has been inactive for 3,500 years, today a serene lagoon area.While here your group can explore the Las Coladas Trail, taking you through the winding forest and through the cooled lava fields. See animals such as deer, tapir, snakes, parrots, magpies, howler monkeys, and white-faced monkeys often making appearances. As far as the local flora goes, prepare to be immersed into a lush world of palms, bromeliads, mosses, and guayaba de Monte!

Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort - Tabacon is known as 'Arenal's largest and most beautiful private rainforest reserve', the resort sitting right in between Arenal Volcano and Arenal Volcano National Park. Even the ride into the resort will be an exciting experience, taking your group further and further into the lush jungle and immersing you into the sights, smells, and sounds of the rainforest along the way.Here at Tabacon Resort, you will find 5 main springs, each with highly mineralized water heated underground by magma. Your group can choose to hang out at the resort itself, in any of the many warm pools along the riverbed (varying in privacy, temperature, and crowd density), or in a thermal waterfall, one of the most relaxing natural hydrotherapy options.The resort itself has a main sunbathing and swimming area that holds 5 different pools, a swim-up bar, and a thermal waterslide.


Jaco Beach - Here at Jaco Beach, your group can enjoy some of the best water recreation options in the area, as well as one of the best nightlife and cuisine scenes. The beach itself stretches 4 km, or 2.5 miles, long and is unique in the fact that it is actually a grey-sand beach. The waves are great here for surfing, though you may want to swim at your own risk on days in which the rip tide is particularly high. Large surf breaks, clean and calm waters, and the opportunity for entertaining water activities make this beach so great. The town of Jaco itself is best described as a 'bustling beach town', a laid-back community supporting several ornate and gorgeous properties, cutting-edge restaurants, and amazing sunset views. Many call Jaco a 'one stop shop' experience, the area providing guests with both nightlife and wildlife. While here your group can take ATV tours, boat or kayak, go on a safari, horseback ride, white water raft, deep sea fish, or of course, surf.



Manuel Antonio National Park - Here on the central Pacific coast just south of Quepos (132 km away from San Jose) your group will be able to explore the rainforest, white sand beaches, mangrove swamps, lagoons, and coral reefs, providing you with both educational and entertaining activities all day. There are a total of 12 small isles, each filled with different wildlife viewing and water recreation options. During your journey, you are likely to see iguanas, white-faced capuchins, and 3-toed sloths, as well as several rare tropical birds.While here you can choose to hang out on a pristine white sand beach, the south facing Playa Manuel Antonio being a favorite with its ½ mile long white sand crescent shape, or maybe take a hike on any of the winding trails throughout.  There are guided tour options here as well, ranging from 2.5 to 3 hours with multilingual guides, as well as your common water recreation options such as white water rafting, tubing, kayaking, diving, and dolphin and whale watching.