2-Days in Dearborn, Michigan

Day 1 You'll See:

  • Josephine Ford Plaza
  • Logan County Courthouse
  • George Washington Carver Cabin
  • Mattox Family Home
  • Hermitage Slave Quarters
  • Susquehanna Plantation

Day 2 You'll See:

Dearborn, Michigan, offers several amazing attractions for student groups interested in black history. You can step on the very bus where Rosa Parks took a powerful stand for civil rights by remaining in her seat. You’ll visit a home dedicated to George Washington Carver and the Mattox Family home with its innovative solutions to the Great Depression. Our sample itinerary includes all this and more, with optional attractions as well. You can call us today to begin customizing this amazing tour.


Josephine Ford Plaza
Greenfield Village...a step back in time.


Logan County Courthouse
At one point in time, a famous historical figure could be heard arguing a case from this courthouse. His name was Abraham Lincoln.


George Washington Carver Cabin
Come to see the home that was built by Henry Ford as a dedication to his friend George Washington Carver.


Mattox Family Home
Once a home to 3 generations of the Mattox family. Andrew Mattox and Charlott Morel the builders of the home were both former slaves trying to take care of their family.


Hermitage Slave Quarters
Home of two African-American families being held in slavery on the Hermitage plantation originally located in Savannah, Georgia.


Susquehanna Plantation
A plantation that once had 74 African-Americans in slavery. The plantation appears very much as it once did in the 1800’s in Maryland.


Henry Ford Museum
Come to see the display that explores America’s battle for freedom featuring the Rosa Parks bus.