Austin Children’s Museum

Austin Children's Museum

Known affectionately as the Thinkery, the Austin Children's Museum is a worry-free, educational destination for kids to learn about the world around them on an interactive level. Exhibits and experiences focus primarily on the museum's mission: to teach children about science, technology, math, art, and engineering through various programs and helpful staff. Whether you're looking at the Thinkery for your own children or as an educational and fun outing with your group, the Children's Museum is a fabulous choice.

No matter the child's age, there is something at the Thinkery to catch their attention and spark their imagination. Areas range from hands-on learning in laboratory settings such as the Kitchen Lab to the classroom and more museum-like areas like Currents where visitors can learn more about the way water and sound work together. Hands-on learning and interactive displays are a huge and important role in the Thinkery as this is how, they believe, children learn best: by interacting with the way things work. They will learn about light, sound, how simple machines work, and even what healthy eating means for your body.

Children, students, families, and groups will have a wonderful time exploring this interactive museum and participating in the energy of such an intense learning environment.