Barrier Island Eco Tour

Barrier Island Eco Tours provide your group with the ultimate Charleston adventure! This amazing company provides the very best naturalist-guided excursions exploring the various marshes and islands of South Carolina.

Located on the Isle of Palms, Barrier Island strives to "promote the awareness, conservation, and enjoyment of the South Carolina coast" and does so through various different ecology adventures. Guests can choose from daytime family trips, fishing excursions, private charters, beachside cookouts, or ecology adventures to Capers Island, all of which are highly educational and entertaining. This is a great opportunity for your group to relax and collect some shells, facts, and unbelievable South Carolina coastal vistas.

Barrier Island Eco Tours provides school-based interpretive programs for all ages, and great opportunities to learn about local organisms, habitats, communities, ecosystems, and environmental and geological factors influencing the area. Your group will get to explore tidal creeks of the salt marsh and explore such interesting topics as species identification, adaptations, oyster bed communities, species diversity, and salt marsh hammock ecology. Check crab and habitat traps with your naturalist guide and see such creatures as sponges, sea whips, brittle stars, bud crabs, blue crabs, and peppermint shrimp up close and personal.

Head to the beach at Capers Island State Heritage Preserve to see over 2,000 acres of pristine barrier island or hike the mile long trail to Bone-yard Beach, but whatever you decide to do be sure to bring your bathing suit and camera, you aren’t going to want to miss one exciting moment of this!