Best Beaches for Senior Trips

For parents and teachers planning the traditional senior trip celebration, you will quickly learn that at the top of most student groups’ vacation list is some beach, somewhere. During this season it can be difficult to determine which areas will be safe but still a hit with the kids. First of all, avoid spring break party destinations, which are usually frequented in the month of March. For affordable locations that everyone can enjoy, we’ve compiled a list of our five favorite senior trip destinations with sun, sand, and surf!

1. Daytona Beach, Florida

Students can’t get over the variety offered in Daytona Beach! If a week of sunbathing isn’t exciting to the entire group, they’ll have no problem mixing it up with options like para-sailing, mini golf, go-kart, paddle boarding, hiking, canoeing, zip lining, a water park, boat tours, shopping, fishing, bowling, indoor ice skating, swimming, paintball, the boardwalk and helicopter rides!

2. Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Teen vacationers and sun worshiping chaperones are going to fall head over heels with 35 miles of beaches, Beach Street USA on Atlantic Avenue where the music never stops, and the three mile Virginia Beach Boardwalk with the perfect blend of restaurants, shopping and festivals! For faster fun visit the Ocean Breeze Water Park with 16 slides plus a wave pool! The year round farmer’s market is splendid for snacking!

3. Playa del Carmen, Mexico
The ideal location for practicing what you’ve learned in Spanish class! Even if you need to brush up on the local lingo, language courses are conveniently offered! 40 miles south of Cancun your group will discover Latin cooking and dancing, the Yucatan beaches, water sports, yoga, golfing, historical ruins, roaring waves, and best of all, the Chaak tun Cenote for which we recommend waterproof flashlights.

4. Panama City Beach, Florida
Race City is the coolest way to compete with one another on wheels! Pump up the adrenaline on the 100mph Slingshot or try your hand at laser tag in Pier Park! The SkyCoaster takes student trips on 140ft high flights while the Panama Dunes dune buggy course requires driver’s licenses for anyone up to navigating hairpin turns, hills and plummets!

5. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
The sand here stretches across 60 miles and boasts endless adventures! Explore 350 acres of prime shopping for any budget with a stop at Broadway at the Beach. Multiple amusement parks await as well as unusual attractions like the Encounters UFO Experience. Encourage the kids to mingle for photos with their favorite celebrities at the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center!