Best Emergency Travel Apps

festival (1)Travel can get dangerous, but these three apps can help quell some of those fears and get you out of sticky situations.


Help Call - This app is designed for making emergency calls to local authorities if something should happen to you or someone in your group while abroad. The app covers 126 countries and provides numbers for police, fire departments and ambulances, and can be set to dial with just a shake of your phone if the situation is severe.


First Aid - This easy first aid app can literally be a life-saver with its illustrations, videos and description instructions on what to do in almost any emergency situation. Covers all types of common injuries.


Sit and Squat - For a different type of emergency, this app tackles the difficult task of finding the nearest bathroom for you, should you be in a foreign country where simply asking a pedestrian is not an option. Users can even add and rate restrooms!


SmartTraveler - This state-produced travel app has a dossier on every country around the globe, as well as continuously-updated travel warnings, whether that be anything from political uprisings to natural disasters.


Allergy Alert - While many may not consider basic allergies an emergency, countless others know that agitated allergies can totally ruin a trip. This app details weather and allergy forecasts, as well as specific types of pollen found in the area you're traveling to.