Big Cottonwood Canyon

Big Cottonwood Canyon

While in the area your group simply must stop at Big Cottonwood Canyon, the 15-mile long canyon located within the Wasatch Range, just about 12 miles southeast of Salt Lake City.

Big Cottonwood Canyon Pixabay Public Domain

This stunning natural area provides 'epic backcountry ski access, hiking and mountain biking trails, and picnic areas straight out of an outdoor magazine'. There are 2 highly popular ski resorts within the canyon area, Brighton and Solitude.

Your group can do several different things while here. You can take a scenic drive through the ancient canyon, eroded by both glaciers and streams over time, the drive lasting an hour for a round trip. You can also hit the trails to stretch your legs, rent mountain bikes, or enjoy a scenic picnic. You will see remnants of Old West miners settlements throughout the canyon area, a tangible history lesson just waiting to be explored!

Here are some of the more popular trails for hiking:

  • Mill B South Fork - Lake Blanche
  • Mineral Fork
  • Donut Falls
  • Dog Lake
  • Desolation Lake
  • Silver Lake
  • Lakes Mary, Catherine & Martha