Branson Zipline Canopy Tours

Branson Zipline Canopy Tours

Whether you opt to swoop like flying squirrels through the lush canopy or tromp the wild woods far below, every Show-Me-State student travel itinerary should include a trip to Branson Zipline!

Their menu of expertly-designed world-class eco-adventures offers madcap explorers and easy-going nature-lovers of all ages the ultimate sightseeing excursion. The activities require no previous experience and present visitors with an opportunity for a fully-customizable, multi-faceted, team-building outdoor fun-quest on one of the only themed zip courses in the world. Soar freely from platform to platform and traverse a series of “sky bridges” threaded through the fabled Ozark Mountain treetops as armadillos, deer, chipmunks and other inhabitants of Wolfe Creek Preserve look on, a rapt audience to guests’ exhilarating aerial escapades.

Not down with dangling?  Wend your way up Wolfe Mountain in an authentic Pinzgauer Swiss Army Troop Carrier. Once at the top, you’re cut loose with a seasoned guide to making your descent down an Amish-built hiking trail.  Your ears fill with fascinating facts, legend, and lore as you thrill to the sight of zipliners “wooshing” by overhead; excellent photo ops here! Encounter and identify native flora and fauna and revel in the exquisite beauty of your natural surroundings, noting rickety old bridges and abandoned mining implements strewn about the wildflower-sprinkled woods. What stories they could tell!

A refreshment break at the half-way mark lets you pause to recharge and meet up with fellow hikers or group members wrapping up a Canopy Tour before continuing down the mountain.


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