Buffalo Museum of Science

The Buffalo Museum of Science has been in operation since 1929 and remains dedicated to the study and interpretation of the natural and physical sciences. The pupils will have the opportunity to check out extensive collections of over 700,000 specimens and artifacts and attend special events throughout the year hosted by the museum.

There is a significant part of the museum’s collections of over 700,000 specimens that pertain to the Greater Niagara Region. They form the most complete record of life in all of its forms in the New York area from subjects such as anthropology, botany, entomology, mycology, paleontology, and zoology. The Anthropology Collection houses an array of artifacts from the African Village at the 1901 Pan American Exposition. The Mycology Collection on the other hand contains representatives of 35% of the species from North America and about 85% of the species recorded from northeastern North America.

The group can also view exhibits such as Our Place in Space, Vertebrate Evolution, Seymour and Stanley, and Digging into Western New York’s Past which includes a rich array of fossils and artifacts, many of which were found at the museum’s archaeological dig site in Genesee County. The exhibit documents the changing fauna, flora, cultures, and environments of the Northeast over the past 13,500 years.