Catalina Island Conservancy

Two_Harbors_Catalina_Island_photo_D_Ramey_LoganThe Catalina Island Conservancy was founded in 1972 and is known as one of the best and oldest private land trusts in the state of California, with an overall mission of being able to "protect and restore one of the world’s most magnificent islands." Volunteering for this organization is a great opportunity to learn all about Catalina Island ecology, give back to the environment, have fun, and meet new people! Groups and individuals are both welcome, groups with the opportunity to work on teamwork and efficiency as well while here! Get matched with projects that match your personal talents, skills, and interests, and learn more about conservation, Catalina beauty, and hands on field experience while here. You can volunteer for a one time project, month long project, or even year long project!

It is easy to see why volunteers are an integral part of preserving and restoring this island, especially after learning a few local facts. The organization and its helpers protect 88% of Catalina Island, that’s over 62 miles of unspoiled coves and beaches. This area is considered to be the longest publicly accessible undisturbed coastline, complete with over 60 different plant, animal, and insect species unique to only this location. Over a million visitors and 60,000 school groups visit this location each and every year, the conservancy providing excellent educational outreach, two comprehensive nature centers, and even an onsite botanical garden full of gorgeous local flora!


This beautiful island geographically sits  just off the coast of southern California and allows your volunteer group to explore and experience the natural wonders of the island to its fullest, working on preservation during the day and having home-like lodging options at night! Visit this island to work a morning in the Ackerman Native Plant Nursery, learning about local horticulture and ecology while germinating, collecting, propagating, and weeding the on site plants. You could also head over to Windward Beach on a Saturday morning and take part in their half day clean up, allowing your group to comb the sand for debris while admiring the ocean and beachfront. Keeping this beach clean and pristine, as well as taking care of the local plants, really helps the island, the locals, the wildlife, and even visiting tourists. Plus this view is so unbelievable you won’t even care that your working.