Champlain Memorial Lighthouse


Completed and dedicated in 1912, the Champlain Memorial Lighthouse is known as one Lighthouse at Crown Point NYof the most unusual lighthouses of its kind in the entire world. This lighthouse is located on an outcropping just below the great bridge, south of the ruins of the French and British Forts in Crown Point, New York. The lighthouse, as well as the surrounding bridge and lake, is named after the French explorer Samuel de Champlain. While in commission until somewhere around 1929 this structure kept silent vigil over the narrow passageway between New York and Vermont, sitting on the picturesque and vast Lake Champlain.

This lighthouse was erected on the base of an earlier stone tower constructed in 1858, the new imposing edifice serving a dual purpose of a reconstructed lighthouse and an aid to navigation. While visiting you will see a bronze bust, a marvelous work of art by a French artist, as well as another bronze portion dedicated by an American artists. The lighthouse itself was built in a neoclassical style with 8 Doric columns surrounding a cylindrical shaft. It stands at 55’ tall and contains a 5th order Fresnel lens typical of this area that saw 15 miles in the distance. Your group is really going to enjoy this historical and cultural hotspot on the beautiful Lake Champlain!