Charleston Museum

This next stop is quite a spectacular one, a visit to America’s very first museum, the highly popular Charleston Museum. Founded first in 1773 and then opened to the public in 1824, this museum on Meeting Street of Charleston has been named by the American Alliance of Museum’s as the first and most comprehensive historic museum in the country, making it quite a popular tourist attraction in this seaside city. Here you will see various impressive exhibits showcasing relics from South Carolina and Confederate history, as well as have access to many different surrounding historic homes. Your group can buy a ticket to just get into the museum, to get into the museum plus one site, or to the museum plus two sites, depending on how much time you want to spend here and how much history you want to immerse yourself in!

This museum strives to study, document, preserve, interpret, and share important local history and does so through stories of South Carolina scholars, scientists, scribes, and socialites. The melting pot of cultures and customs within is perfectly mixed with the surrounding Joseph Manigault House, the gorgeous antebellum home, as well as the Huguenot and Heyward-Washington Houses. Take a one hour curator tour and explore the various exhibits such as Lowcountry History Hall, the Armory, Becoming America's, Civil War, and many more. You may also take the Dill Sanctuary, Signature Series, or Behind the Scenes tours. Head up to the Museum store before you go to pick up your very own books, toys, games, souvenirs, or lowcountry local treasures!