Chena Hot Springs

northern-lights-225508_1280What better way to relax on your trip to Alaska than with a trip to the most developed hot springs destination in the whole state, Chena Hot Springs. Founded over 100 years ago, this geothermal wonder is home to world famous healing mineral waters, winning winter views of the Aurora Borealis, multiple renewable energy projects, as well as the popular Aurora Ice Museum, a year-round geothermal technology phenomenon. Located on Hot Springs Rock Lake, this hot spring is a part of the much larger Chena Hot Springs Resort, which also boasts an outdoor hot tub and indoor family swimming pool.

With its remote location 60 scenic miles from Fairbanks, wildlife viewing and Northern Lights views are highly above average out here, especially late August to early May. Once in the pleasantly warm waters, you’ll be able to feel the minerals working at your skin. Some believe these mineral-filled waters are the source of the Fountain of Youth, others believe it cures ailments, and the rest just believe it is one of the best places in Alaska to relax. Though there aren’t known ‘healing’ powers, per say, the water from the hot spring is known to help ease bronchial and muscle irritations with the constant steam and warm temperatures. When you and your group are done soaking up the midnight sun head inside to the Aurora Ice Bar for some delicious adult beverages or book a quick (or long) Harmony Massage. Whether it’s relaxation or a unique adventure you’re looking for, Chena Hot Springs is the place to be!