Cities with the Best Views

Ah, is there really anything quite like a city with a view? Traveling all around the country can be filled with fun activities, new adventures, delicious food, and different cultures, but when the night comes to an end, sometimes the best part of a trip is sitting back on a hill, a patio, a porch or taking a drive just to take in all the beauty that city has to offer. Here are some of our favorite cities with the best views.

New York City: In the Big Apple during the day, all may seem like cluttered, busy, frantic hustle and bustle, but if you stop and pause when night comes? There's something so romantic and beautiful about the thousands of skyscrapers with their sparkling lights mixing in with the stars. The best place to get a great view in NYC is from a taller hotel in the middle of Manhattan, where Central Park and Columbus Circle are in clear view. Columbus Circle is one of the most-filmed spots in the world!

Las Vegas: Similar to NYC, it's really the lights and life of this city that make its views so spectacular. Bathed in neon, there's something around every corner sure to surprise the average visitor, and at night when the Strip is aglow, it's really the fluorescence of it all that makes the view worth-while. If you get a hotel facing the west, you'll have an incredible view of the Spring Mountains -- showing you that nature is just as strong as the fun being had in Vegas.

San Francisco: For a bit of water splashed into your city views, San Francisco is sure to please. Mixing picturesque streets on hill after hill with the waters below the Golden Gate Bridge, this California town is one of the most beautiful in the West. Drive past the "painted ladies" Victorian-style homes in a streetcar while you head towards the bay and take in the beauty of this dreamy Californian town.

Honolulu: It should be a no-brainer that Hawaii is one of the most gorgeous parts of the United States, but Honolulu really can take your breath away. With the sprawling Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head area, and mountainous volcanoes, all you have to do is step outside your hotel to see the views this island has to offer.

Madison, Wisconsin: For a trip up north, this stop on the Great Lakes better make your to-do list. One of the great, less-populated cities, Madison is both a family haven and hip college town, merging the best of both worlds. Take a bike ride on one of its gorgeous lakeside trails, or just sit and watch the lake reflections at night.