Coconut Creek Fun Park

coconut creek fun parkLocated along Front Beach Road, right alongside Wonderworks, your group will find your next stop, Coconut Creek Fun Park. This sprawling family-friendly venue features two 18-hole mini golf courses, each featuring a fun tropical island theme. These mini golf courses and other onsite attractions offered here are open year-round, providing a great getaway for locals and tourists alike during any season. The golf courses come complete with cascading waterfalls and even a native fish stocked lake onsite, truly adding to their tropical theme. Your group will truly enjoy the beautiful landscape as you spend your afternoon golfing in one of the two increasingly difficult mini golf courses with animal replicas strewn about. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and your camera as well, so you can get a picture with any of the park's famous onsite animals (statues) such as Opal the whale.

When you’ve had your fair share of mini golf but you aren’t ready to leave, don’t worry, now you can head over to one of the largest and most unique mazes in the country, Gran Maze. This giant labyrinth is the first of its kind in America, a maze the size of a football field. This large navigational challenge is themed to Captain Cook, the famous sea explorer who discovered many South Pacific Islands. There are four various checkpoints through the maze, however the routing changes often (monthly)  so it isn’t easy to memorize! Before you go be sure to check out Good Luck Lake and Moon Mountain, some of the most fun and gorgeous spots in the entire park, that is, if you can manage to find them!