College Campus Visits in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the variety, size, and influence of the many colleges throughout the state. There are actually over 200 universities within Texas’ boundaries!

One thing that they all seem to have in common: a love for football and a love for learning.

Football, Agriculture, Business, and Religion all seem to dominate the scholastic scene in this state, and we think we’ve found the very best ones to display a little bit of each aspect!

  • Texas A&M - College Station
    Ranked #74 National University - 48,960 Undergrad Enrollment
    Perhaps one of the most well-known Texas colleges, Texas A&M is definitely one of our favorites, highly popular for both football and agriculture studies. The around 50,000 Aggies here make up the 6th largest university in the country, each pursuing degrees in such popular categories as business, engineering, and, of course, agriculture. Something really big here? The rivalry with the Longhorns. It’s very serious.
  • Rice University - Houston
    Ranked #15 National University - 3,910 Undergrad Enrollment
    Rice University is one of the top-ranked schools in all of Texas, number 15 in the whole nation! Founded in 1912, this prestigious private research university holds over 50 different majors (architecture, engineering, and music amongst the most popular), a scenic 300-acre campus, and an outstanding faculty that collectively holds several Nobel, Pulitzer, and Guggenheim prizes, as well as a couple Grammy’s!


    Rice University Pixabay Public Domain

  • Baylor University - Waco
    Ranked #71 National University - 14,189 Undergrad Enrollment
    With alumni like Jeff Dunham, Mark Hurd, and Angela Kinsey it’s not hard to see why Baylor is so popular, this private Baptist school ranking in the top 100 of the nation. This gorgeous 1000 acre campus on the Brazos River offers over 140 undergraduate degree programs, with popular choices from the biology, psychology, and finance departments, as well as small class sizes (all under 27).
  • Southern Methodist University - Dallas
    Ranked #56 National University - 6,411 Undergrad Enrollment
    SMU, the private, religious university in Dallas, holds a large variety of study options, specialized degree fields, and even boasts one of the largest research collections in the Southwest within its many on-campus research libraries. Students can choose from such fields as humanities, business, natural science, arts, theology, poly science, entertainment, cybersecurity, and presidential history!
  • Abilene Christian University - Abilene
    Ranked #18 Regional West - 3,760 Undergrad Enrollment
    In Abilene, you will find the small private school connected with the Church of Christ, this religion-centric university offering over 71 disciplines all in the convenient central-state location. Students must take Bible courses and attend daily chapel at Abilene, the most popular studies outside of those activities being accounting, business, and family studies.
  • Texas Tech - Lubbock
    Ranked #176 National University - 29,237 Undergrad Enrollment
    Of course, we can’t forget Texas Tech, the University giant that offers over 150 different degree programs in Lubbock. Over 94% of the student body participates in Greek Life here, this large public research institution holding over 10 separate colleges.
  • Trinity University-San Antonio
    Ranked #1 Regional West - 2,273 Undergrad Enrollment
    Ranked number one in the western region, Trinity University is a small and selection liberal arts school with a high reputation. The school holds an impressive 9:1 Student-faculty ratio and supports over 43 different majors, with options for  BM, BS, and BA degrees. One unique thing about this campus is that 80% of students will live on campus their entire time here, much higher than the average rate in the U.S.
  • University of Texas - Austin
    Ranked #56 National University - 39,619 Undergrad Enrollment
    Longhorns take to school, and football, very seriously here in Austin, this flagship school ranked #56 in the entire nation and offering a great scholarly setting. Choose from over 170 degrees here, some of the most popular being engineering, business, liberal arts, and natural sciences. Of course, after all, that studying you’re going to have to go watch the football game, it’s a tradition here!
  • University of Texas - Dallas
    Ranked #146 National University - 15,575 Undergrad Enrollment
    The other flagship college in this state is located in Dallas and has the same great scholarly opportunities, if not on just a slightly smaller scale. Find over 133 majors here, popular ones being math, engineering, and business. This 500-acre public research institution has also won a spot on the top 100 tuition value schools for the state of Texas!