Comedy Cellar

End your night at the extremely fun and highly popular Comedy Cellar, a Manhattan comedy club where many top New York comedians perform. This club was created in 1982 by Bill Grundfest and features a showcase format versus a more common headline format, allowing 5-7 comics to perform each night at around 20 minutes each set. The Comedy Cellar hosts two or more shows daily depending on whether or not it is the weekend, and the cellar also has an attached eatery where many comedians go to hangout and grab a bite afterwards called the Olive Tree Cafe. This venue has been seen in the opening sequence of Louis, many Pepsi commercials, and in the popular Seinfeld documentary. Catch frequent performers such as Darrell Hammond, Dave Chapelle, Marc Maron, or Amy Schumer. In the past this venue has even seen such likes as Ray Romano, Robin Williams, Damon Wayans, and Chris Rock!