Computer History Museum

Computer History Museum

The largest international collection of computing artifacts in the world, encompassing computer hardware, software, documentation, ephemera, photographs, oral histories, and moving images.

A visit to the Computer History Museum is like a visit to our technological past, this museum 'bringing computer history to life through large-scale exhibits, an acclaimed speaker series, a dynamic website, docent-led tours, and an award-winning education program.'

First established in 1996, this museum works to preserve and present stories and artifacts of the information age and explore computers revolution and impact on society over time. Your group will find various exhibits on early computers and the growth of the internet, the most popular one being Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing, which features over 1,000 different artifacts.

More examples of exhibits include Make Software: Change the World, Thinking Big: Ada Countess of Lovelace, and PDP-1: Creating a Hacker Culture. You will be able to play a game of Pong, listen to industry pioneers stories, and discover the roots of the internet through the stunning combination of multimedia exhibitions. You will even see some of the world's very first computers from the 1940s and 1950s.

Groups can participate in docent-led tours, self-guided tours, and workshops such as Make Software and Design The Future, each lasting around 2.5 hours. Before you go shop at the CHM Store and pick up all the best tech gadgets and nerd-friendly souvenirs, then grab a bite to eat at Cloud Bistro onsite.

**Note this museum is only open each Wednesday through Sunday.