Coral Castle


 Welcome to Coral Castle, the landmark outdoor garden featuring sculptures hand carved by the Latvian American aberrant Edward Leedskalnin. First started in 1923, this stone structure garden is located in Leisure City, within the limits of Miami-Dade County. Completed finally in 1951, this whole area took 28 years, 1,100 tons of coral, and some seriously intense dedication. The creator, Mr. Leedskalnin, used only handmade tools during the building and stands by what is today considered one of the world’s most mysterious accomplishments.

While here your group will have the option of taking a self tour with any of the many audio stands, or perhaps by any of the knowledgeable guides available. They will take you through the garden and explain these ancient sciences that defy gravity, each 28 years in the making. Some of the most impressive features include the nine-ton gate that moves with the touch of a finger, the Polaris Telescope, and the fully functioning rocking chairs, all made out of coral stone. Be sure to bring your camera with plenty of memory, you won’t want to miss out on any of these amazing structures! Learn about the homemade tools used, as well as the rumors of supernatural help in the building of this park, rather than plain ole’ human dedication. Before you go be sure to stop by the on-site gift shop to pick up any apparel, books, dvds, replicas, stuffed toys, or other various treasures and souvenirs to remind you of your trip!