Covid-19 Adventure Student Travel Company Update

We at Adventure Student Travel are all very disheartened with the current situation regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic, especially with how it is affecting our traveling student groups.

We are sad that so many students' hard work educationally and raising funds is going unrewarded for the time being, we know they worked very hard to get to where they are, but we completely understand the concern and need for canceling or postponing upcoming trips and encourage customers to do what makes them feel the safest at this time.

That being said our agents have been working tirelessly in our efforts to change and/or cancel reservations and request refunds for all of our groups. We have been receiving a myriad of calls regarding refunds and we want you to know we are on your side in this situation. We are working for you in the midst of this industry crisis, but we want to remind you that this is an unprecedented situation for most travel attractions and companies. Everyone is working hard to get groups taken care of, but patience is required in this situation.

Please allow us ample time to determine your group's refund eligibility, and trust that we are working to capacity to do so. We are working closely with your group leaders, and they will pass along any updates for parents along the way.

Note that groups have the option to reschedule their trip in 2020, as well as move the trip to 2021, in which case most of your deposit will transfer over still.

If your group purchased Travel Protection please contact the insurance company whose information was sent to you at the beginning of the trip planning process for more information about their cancellation policy.

For any further questions please refer to our Terms and Conditions and FAQ Pages.