Crazy Mascots: Unique and Silly Mascots Across the US

If you've ever been to a college sporting event, then you know how important mascots are! From the wild and wacky things they wear on their heads to the enthusiastic stunts they do to hype up fans in the bleachers, these costumed characters bring unique energy and enthusiasm everywhere they go. But what makes them even cooler is that almost every school has something totally original! Let's take a look at some of the crazy mascots across America – each with their own special story or origin — which will be sure to make any school group belly laugh.

Meet the Banana Slug from UC Santa Cruz - this unusual mascot has a soft spot in students' hearts.


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The Banana Slug of UC Santa Cruz has to be the quirkiest school mascot around. This soft and squishy, yellowish-brown critter seems like an odd choice, yet in its 25+ years of mascot-dom, it has become surprisingly beloved by students. From banana slug fan clubs and festivals to themed merchandise, it's obvious that this odd but endearing creature has snuggled its way deep into the hearts of UCSC's campus culture. Before long, you'll find yourself singing its praises along with everyone else - because when it comes to showing your spirit and affinity for a school, nothing beats a slow-moving, mollusk-y mascot! Go Slugs!

Say hello to The Siena Saints - their mascot is a Saint Bernard, because why not?!


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If you're looking to meet some really cool friends, look no further than The Siena Saints! These amazing folks have a mascot that stands out from the rest - a Saint Bernard. No, this is not just your regular old boring puppy - this large pup brings its own special charm with those classic droopy eyes and friendly demeanor. Plus, when you think about naming an animal after a saintly figure in Catholic lore, it makes perfect sense for these Saints to have a loyal friend by their side to keep them company in their quest for greatness. And who knows? With an adorable pal like theirs helping out along the way, it'll be hard for The Siena Saints not to come out on top!

Ever heard of The Fighting Pickle of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts?!

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If you're a student of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, you've definitely heard of The Fighting Pickle! This mischievous mascot is considered to be an unofficial school mascot and a symbol of good luck for students. When local lore says The Fighting Pickle shows up to support its team at athletic events, it's sure to be an exciting competition! In recent years, this beloved pickle has bought itself some flashy wardrobe options, from a full letterman jacket to an adorable American flag-themed outfit. Even when UNCSA isn't playing any sports games, The Fighting Pickle can often be found around campus eagerly trying to spread some cheer and positivity.

Check out the Geoducks of Evergreen State College in Washington - they are not your average mascot!

Evergreen State College's unique mascot, the Geoduck, is quite the sight to behold! This giant, goofy-looking mollusk adds some great life to the college campus. Don't be fooled by its cartoony appearance though - this mascot is far from 'average'! Representing the hardworking and tenacious spirit of Evergreen's students, it stands tall against opponent cheers. So if you happen to visit Washington or stumble onto Evergreen State College's grounds, don't forget to take a look at the one and only Geoduck!

Last but certainly not least, meet The Salukis of Southern Illinois University - now that's one unique mascot!

When it comes to unique and interesting university mascots, The Salukis of Southern Illinois University take the cake! Sure, they may not be as well-known as Bulldog or Wildcats, but a regal range of sight-hounds dating back 5,000 years? How can you compete with that? Adorned in beautiful apparel including jingling gold necklaces and colorful pants, these four-legged royalty are too cool for school and make a paw-esome presence across campus. A few fun facts about the Saluki breed: did you know they were adopted by ancient Egyptian kings as their hunting dogs of choice? Now that’s one furry mascot with an impressive history! Go (paw it?) on out there and show some Saluki pride!

Bonus: The Putnam County Midgets- How this rural Missouri community got its unusual mascot!

When it comes to unlikely mascots, the Putnam County Midgets of Missouri have the most interesting story behind them. Back in the day, a rival school made fun of Putnam County's small size and nicknamed them "Midgets". Undeterred by this insult, the brave students of Putnam County went on to beat their opponents - a victory that, in time, would lead to their unexpected mascot. Nowadays, the Putnam County Midgets are a proud symbol of resilience and success for all those who call this rural Missouri community home. Go Midgets!

No matter what college or team you root for, one thing’s for sure - there are plenty of crazy and unique mascots out there! From the pickle with a mustache to the hounds of royalty, these characters represent more than just an amusing face or silly costume. Each mascot symbolizes the values, spirit, and pride of the college or community they represent. So the next time you spot a wacky mascot on game day, take the time to appreciate their message and show them some love! If you are interested in visiting any colleges and finding out more about their crazy histories, Adventure Student Travel can help make your trip one to remember! Contact us today!