Disney’s YES Program: Leadership Strategies Edition

Disney is a growingly popular place within the United States to take your middle school, girl scout or high school student leadership groups, both for the educational workshops and the hands-on leadership experience and models provided.


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Many teachers may be surprised by how many opportunities Disney in both California and Florida provide for students, the entire Disney Youth Education Series (Disney YES Program) providing different options in both locations for different forms of leadership workshops. There is also a much broader program covering many topics outside of leadership altogether as well (performing arts, science, history, marketing).

Each of these programs is going to give your students the chance to explore marketing, management, and business strategies, learn from Disney’s leadership model, and boost their confidence, paving the way for success in the future!

Your first big step in planning your student group's trip to Disney is to decide which side of the nation you are going to Florida or California?

Here are the differences:


Program Title: Leadership Strategies
Goals: To allow students the chance to investigate proven management strategies used at the Walt Disney Company and to ‘promote personal and professional success’. This course also aims to help students understand the relationship between good leadership and business strategies, in an effort to discover the value of communication, training, and empowerment.
Activities: Distinguish between 3 distinct leadership styles, explore benefits of empowerment training and development, discover effective communication and recognition through various activities.
Accepted Students: High School, Girl Scout Seniors, Girl Scout Ambassadors.
Cost: $160-330. (Cost depends on days spent at the park and park hopper options chosen).
More Info: This workshop takes place before the park opens, so plan transportation and meeting times accordingly. Also, be sure to check in on various food and catering options during your workshop with Disney. The groups must be 10 or more students.


Program Title: Disney’s Approach to Leadership and Teamwork
Goals: To have students learn from the Walt Disney leadership strategies employed and apply them to achieve ‘stronger collaboration skills, increase confidence, and set the course for success’. By discovering the ‘Disney way of working’ the students will be more apt to set goals and accomplish their dreams in the future.
Activities: Overcome mini obstacles by using teamwork, develop personal leadership in a team setting through teambuilding games, work on interpersonal communication skills, and apply different perspectives to deal with various problems.
Accepted Students: Middle School, Junior High, High School, Girl Scout Cadettes and Ambassadors.
Cost: $75-208
More Info: This program is a total of 3 hours long and will meet in front of Floral Mickey to start. There is extra downloadable supplemental materials online, as well as National Standards documentation.

To book either one of these amazingly educational, year-round Disney leadership workshops all you have to do is select the one you want, choose the dates your group would like to go, submit a request form online (something we can do for you through Adventure Student Travel), then allow us to help you purchase the tickets and plan your food and/or stay for the trip!

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