Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site

Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site

"The greatest thing I have learned is how good it is to come home again." Eleanor Roosevelt

Welcome to the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, the site of Eleanor's beloved Val-Kill cottage home in Hyde Park, NY.

This site was established by congress in 1977 to commemorate the life and accomplishments of Eleanor Roosevelt. The cottage sits on 180 acres and holds historic exhibits within. This home is actually the only National Historic Site dedicated to a first lady!

Inside this historic estate, your group will be able to enjoy a tour of Mrs. Roosevelt's home and view an introductory film about her life. You will also be able to explore insightful exhibits, such as Eleanor Roosevelt and Val-Kill: Emergence of a Political Leader. This examines Eleanor's life in the 1920s and 1930s, a time in which she worked closely with a group of 'independent-minded' ladies in their own fight for rights. This was also a crucial time period for the New Deal. You will learn about how the East Bank of the cottage was a popular picnic and social gathering spot for the Roosevelts and their friends, and how Eleanor decided to move here permanently after Franklin's death in 1945.

Overall, this home serves as 'a window into Eleanor Roosevelt's private and public life', allowing guests to enjoy the understated beauty, natural setting, and unpretentious amenities that Eleanor loved so much.


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