Elfs Farm Winery and Cider House


The Frey family works diligently day to day to produce locally grown grape, fruit, and apple wines here at Elfs Farm Winery and Cider House. This small family farm and home to the Adirondack Cider Company is located in Plattsburgh along the Adirondack Coast. The business was opened with sweet ciders in 2005 and added its various fruit wines in 2007. They company has undergone a tragically devastating fire in 2011, requiring two years of intense remodel to the tasting room and various storage rooms. Since then it has bounced back quite nicely, attracting hundreds of loyal locals and curious tourists weekly.

Your group will have a chance to enjoy the tasting room, a gorgeous room with a gorgeous outdoor patio that allows you unhindered views of the grapes growing on the vine. You will also have the chance to visit the product and gift shops, featuring classic Adirondack gifts, regional clothes, kits and supplies for home brewery, and of course, Elfs Farm products. Choose between the many quality, locally-crafted wines, premium hard ciders, or various cold-climate wines. There are several regularly scheduled events, such as Friday Night Wine Downs, featuring local live music. Before you go be sure to say hi to Mac and Tosh, the two dogs that serve as a team of winery greeters, leaders in playtime, and apple quality control specialists!