Entrepreneurship Tours in San Jose


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the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

Welcome to San Jose, capital of Silicon Valley and home to over 6,600 tech companies.

This area has a high concentration of high-tech engineering, computer, and microprocessor companies and has been considered the leader of our nation's industrial economy for years now. There is a wide variety of global corporations and budding startups that make this area so special, not to mention the fantastic local culture and attractions outside of technology.

San Jose was first founded in 1777 and has since then grown into the 10th largest city in the United States, the largest in Northern California (just over 1 million). The burgeoning job prospects, educational opportunities, and recreation scene certainly all make this city what it is today.

High-tech companies make up nearly 12% of private-sector businesses in San José, the greatest concentration in the U.S. and almost three times the national average.

Here are a few quick stats about San Jose's Business world:

San Jose Business Facts
(Statistics found by Forbes)

  • The average household income in San Jose sits at $114,411, right around $52,236 more than what Sentier Research found for the U.S average in 2018 ($62,175). 

  • The college attainment level throughout the San Jose area is up to 50.8%.

  • Forbes ranks San Jose #16 in Job Growth and #35 in Best Places for Business and Careers. 

  • The top industries within the San Jose and greater Silicon Valley area include high-technology engineering, computer science, education, and microprocessing

  • The city holds several iconic business headquarters, such as Adobe, Netflix, eBay, and PayPal SunPower.

Below we have compiled 4 more specific reasons why this city is the perfect city to visit for an entrepreneurship tour, business tour, or post-college entrepreneurship dream.


San Jose is the self-proclaimed capital of Silicon Valley, as mentioned before. Silicon Valley is known as such due to the fact that most of the devices built here are made of semiconductors such as silicon.  The San Francisco Bay area is home to several of the world's largest high-tech companies, as well as thousands of tech startup companies.

Being in the center of all the action, San Jose certainly sees it's share of tech successes, both startup wise and established business-wise. You can visit the headquarters of Cisco Systems, Adobe Systems Inc, E Bay Inc, Lumileds Lighting Co, and Maxim Integrated.


San Jose is home to San Jose State University, Cogswell Polytechnical College, Silicon Valley University, and nearby major tech schools such as the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University. Needless to say, this city is an OUTSTANDING place for entrepreneurship-related education. It is even ranked #5 in Education by Forbes.

Tech Start-Ups

The San Jose area sees hundreds upon hundreds of tech startups each year, many of them going on to becoming some of the top industries in the world. There are many promising startups planned for the 2019 season, including names like Zoom, CloudBees, and Vectra. Take a look at the top 1o most promising here.

Tour Availability

There are SO MANY entrepreneurship tours available here for your group, from university campus tours to tours of the best of the best companies Silicon Valley has to offer. Here is a handful of our favorites:

  • San Jose University: Tour the oldest public university on the West Coast, the school that boasts the motto 'Powering Silicon Valley', due to its high number of alumni hires to popular tech firms. Oracle, WhatsApp, and Intel all found their founders or cofounders from this school, though it also offers several options for students not purely interested in tech.
  • Intel Museum and Headquarters: One of the coolest spots to visit and tour in the area, the Intel Museum and HQ will allow your group to see behind the scenes glimpses into the high tech world of Intel, one of the most recognizable tech brands in the world.
  • Computer History Museum: Learn all about Silicon Valley's history by exploring over 1,100 historic artifacts involving the evolutionary history of computers and computer tech. See some of the world's very first computers which are, believe it or not, actually from the 1940s.
  • Apple Park: Opened in 2017, this Apple campus offers guests an expansive glass-encased visitor center, which doubles as a merchandise store. In here you can experiment with their AR experience, buy exclusive merchandise, and eat in the onsite cafe.
  • Google Garage: Located within Menlo Park, Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin rented this garage and spent an iconic winter in 1998 creating what would become one of the biggest tech companies in the entire world.
  • Steve Jobs Garage: The birthplace of Apple, one of the most iconic brands in the world, happened right here in the childhood home of Steve Jobs, more specifically, in his garage. Steve and other kids around the neighborhood helped put the first computer board together in 1976, and your group can view the spot where it happened from the street.
  • The Tech Museum of Innovation: Visit this museum to see what has been dubbed the official 'landmark for visitors seeking a glimpse of the most inventive place on Earth', Silicon Valley. Design a robot, experience a simulated earthquake, or visit the onsite IMAX for a thrilling learning adventure.
  • Googleplex Campus: Here at the Google Campus, your group can visit the iconic sculpture garden, the company store, and tour the Visitor Center (Beta).

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