Esquire IMAX Theatre

Esquire IMAX Theatre Sign

Credit: Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau

Esquire IMAX Theatre

Everyone enjoys an escape to the movies now and again. We scan the marquee, make our decision, buy our tickets, grab some buttery popcorn and make our way to into the theater, slipping into the cozy refuge of familiar darkness where we score the perfect seat, arrange our treats, and wait. The lights dim and your theater experience begins but you've never seen anything it like this before!

Student movie buffs on sunny Sacramento vacations simply must experience the sheer wonder of IMAX 3D at Esquire IMAX Theatre, ideally situated downtown, just adjacent to the Sacramento Convention Center! IMAX is more than just a “night at the movies,” it’s an entertainment event so realistic you feel it in your core. So absolutely magical, the IMAX transports you places you’ve never been, and so incredibly immersive it makes you feel as if you’re truly a part of the big-screen action.

Come on! Round up your group, grab some popcorn and find out what you’ve been missing with a movie night at Esquire!