Many people miss out on the opportunity to visit Fairbanks, an Alaskan city further out than most, but this gem of a town is a great vacation destination that you and your group won’t want to miss a second of. Known as the ‘Last Frontier’ and also the ‘gateway to Denali’, this wild area in Alaska is vastly entertaining even outside the city limits. With access to the Denali National Park as well as heavy surrounding woodlands, Fairbanks is a wild adventure lover's paradise. At the same time, Fairbanks attracts a vast group of metropolitan lovers, giving it the perfect Alaskan-life balance. In the city you will have the chance to take in the past era of the gold rush while catching up with the vibrant and diverse art and culture scene present today. The shopping scene here is incredible also, offering many unique art galleries, bookstores, clothing stores, gift shops, sporting stores, as well as several locally owned niche shops.fairbanks-67828_1280

Within Fairbanks your group can get an up close glimpse of the Trans-Alaskan pipeline, the 800 mile feat of engineering made in the 1970s, or head over to Pioneer Park for an authentic look at frontier days, complete with original log cabins. Check out the University of Alaska Museum, the only research museum in the whole state, and brush up on your northern lights facts while observing them or the famous Fairbanks midnight sun! Fairbanks is also full of great food, from fresh seafood to caribou steaks! The Chena River is also close by, offering a myriad of fishing, boating, and water recreation opportunities as well.