Fernbank Museum

Fernbank_dinos_hrWonderful Fernbank Museum, conveniently located east of Midtown Atlanta, is more than just another tourist attraction: it’s an awe-inspiring expedition to another time and place. The Fernbank Museum is a fabulously fossil-floored refuge from the “everyday” and an absolutely immersive experience unlike any other!

A host of permanent features and exhibitions in addition to an exciting series of extraordinary, ever-changing special presentations and an ultra-cool IMAX theatre treat visiting groups to an exhilarating voyage across the boundless universe of entertaining, educational discovery. “Giants of the Mesozoic” recreates the struggles of ancient life in the unforgiving badlands of Patagonia, Argentina. A staged prehistoric battle of epic proportions unfolds in the Museum's Great Hall and “A Walk Through Time” tells the two-fold tale of Georgia's natural history and the development of our planet with a series of realistic dioramas capturing the sights and sounds of the Peach State's main geographic regions.

“Conveyed in Clay: Stories from St. Catherines Island” features a selection of objects from an expansive collection of over one million artifacts recovered from archaeological digs on St. Catherines Island, Georgia, and explores five thousand years of human history by examining how the native peoples of North America adapted to their environment. The carefully-mapped and magically illuminated nighttime “Star Gallery” provides budding astronomers a stellar opportunity to study the celestial bodies that can be seen with the naked eye. Captivating Interactive exhibit, “Whales, Giants of the Deep” plunges guests into the mysterious and breathtaking underwater world of these enormous mammals, exploring their curious habits, enchanting songs and nature of their relationship with man through a unique fusion of science, legend, and lore.

Once you’ve explored till you can explore no more, deli-style sandwiches, hot, fresh soups, pizzas and other classic fare are served in the spacious dining room of the Fernbank Café-replete with a spectacular view of the Fernbank Forest Overlook. After lunch, be sure to drop by the Museum Store to pick up that perfect souvenir of your incredible adventure.