Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Ticonderoga, Lake Champlain, New York State

Fort Ticonderoga is "America’s Fort," the place where the clash for empire and struggle for liberty happened. This site is one of the most significant and oldest historical places to visit in North America. The fort tells the story of how armies of Great Britain and France struggled to control the location and also where a generation later American’s fought to establish a free nation. Fort Ticonderoga celebrates the past while inspiring to preserve the future. Here you will see the site of the very first Lake Champlain battle, which happened between two tribes in 1609. A century later this site saw the French and Indian War, in which many day-long battles took place around 1758 and 1759. In 1909 a local family began the long process of restoration and preservation, making this one of the earliest historical restoration projects in North America.

While here your group will get to explore the over 2,000 acres of exquisite landscape that overlooks Lake Champlain as well as Vermont’s Green Mountains. There are over 100 exciting and unique events and programs that happen here annually, all of which history enthusiasts, field trip groups, families, and educators will appreciate. Daily programs happen at the museum, in which you can explore objects, exhibits, weapons, and artifacts such as powder horns. There is also the Deborah Clarke Mars Education Center that holds rare treasures, a season Heroic Corn Maze, garden tours, and Scholarly Seminars. The rich history, beautiful landscape, and engaging programming will suck your group in and make you want to stay here learning and sightseeing all day!