French Market

French Market

Streetsign French Market place in New Orleans in french Quarter

Street sign French Marketplace in New Orleans in French Quarter

The French Market District, established in 1791, has over three centuries of history under its belt. Nowadays, the area is used as a meeting place for dining, shopping, and entertainment. Visit one or both of the twice-weekly farmer's markets, the music events, or some of the annual festivals that celebrate the culture of New Orleans. Stroll through Dutch Alley and view the plethora of art, both classical and modern, that adorns every corner of this historic district.

The French Market is known for its multitude of fine dining restaurants, confection shops, craft vendors, boutiques, and the flea market. Take a complimentary tour of the French Market District or ride the tour bus from City Sightseeing New Orleans in the Colonnade. Visit the Upper Pontalba for some architectural sights and shops or the Crafts Bazaar for some handmade jewelry or tribal masks at Motherland African Art. Stop and watch the street performers or take part in the annual Creole Tomato Festival. If you are in town for Mardi Gras, come by the Mardi Gras Mask Market in February and try on some of the colorful, flamboyant masks before the parades and parties.

Groups may request to perform in their bands, choirs, and more at the French Market. Large one-time group performances may use the Washington Artillery Park Amphitheater or smaller groups may perform on the streets. Groups or individuals may also utilize the Farmers Market Fare Stage for presentations or demonstrations for the public. Various French Market properties, both indoor and outdoor, are open to renting for special events such as weddings, receptions, and private parties.

If your group is looking for something to do in between tours and other attractions, or you are craving some shopping and relaxation, stop by the French Market and take part in New Orleans’ premier shopping and dining experience.