Fun Fall Field Trip Ideas

The crunch of crispy leaves under your feet, the gorgeous reds and oranges poking out of the treetops, and the sound of school bells in the distance…..fall is finally here, teachers!

Fall is the perfect time to get your students out of the classroom and into the real world, the season bringing on great weather and equally great learning opportunities. Local farms are heading into harvest, college campuses are bustling with activity, and many places around the community need helping hands before the holiday season.

To help you plan that perfect fall outing we’ve created a list of some of the best fall field trip ideas for your student group.

  • Local Farm
    • There is bound to be a bevy of different farms around you, making this option highly doable for any group regardless of time or travel constraints. Agriculture and livestock will be explored, allowing students to further understand where their food came from, as well as key components of ag ethics. This visit will also give them the opportunity to see fall produce or crop items and the process behind their harvesting process.
  • Pumpkin Patch or Apple Orchard
    • Apple and pumpkin picking are fall favorites for students, each different harvesting opportunity allowing them to learn more about each specific planting process. Product harvest, storage, and market factors will also be discussed. Students typically get to take a pumpkin or basket of apples home with them, which is always a plus as well.
  • Community Service
    • During the fall many families in need will be gearing up for the holiday season, making it the perfect time to get your student group involved in some local community service. Soup kitchens and other various charities need as many helping hands as they can get. Taking your group to help serve the community in any way possible for a day is great for them ethically, and of course, it is great for the community. Activities such as canned food drives and the like are great precursors for these events.
  • Theater in the Park
    • The leaves are slowly falling and the temperature is too, giving way to crisp and cool evenings perfect for outdoor activity. A  great way to enjoy both the outdoors and an educational outing during the fall is by heading to a local ‘theater in the park’ production. Art and culture are always important aspects of education, so seeing a play is a good option for any student group.
  • College Campus Visit
    • High school students tend to have fewer and fewer options for quality field trips as they get older, but we think that during the fall there should be a staple for these students: college campus visits. The fall is the perfect time to see a campus both aesthetically and student life wise, the schools always bustling with back to school events, excited professors, and fun campus tours.
  • Farmers Market
    • A simple morning or afternoon visit to your local farmers market will give your student group insight into local produce and the local economy, a visit to each stall allowing them to understand your area’s ag market and it’s effect on the community. Of course, lessons on specific produce sold can be had too, as well as the chance to take some tasty treats home!